There is nothing to brag about the sound quality from any high-end TV available anywhere on this planet. So, adding a soundbar can enhance your audio experience when watching your favorite movies and shows. 

Vizio SB3621 has shown its prowess in its easy set-up, affordable design that is compact and slim, enabling it to integrate into your existing space easily. It has received higher score ratings compared to some soundbars that cost more than even twice its price. 

In ensuring the accuracy of our review, each soundbar undergoes panel audio tests from novice to audiophile, rating each one of them, from the bass response, surround simulation, and dialogue clarity. 

Therefore, in our attempt to get the best sounding soundbar with such a small investment, Vizio soundbar ranked our best alternative in providing dialogue clarity. 

Notwithstanding the up-front and transparent dialogue reproduction, which is a direct result of the narrow stereo, using this soundbar to enhance a theatre quality audio will not work. Moreso, when you are a fan of lots of action movies and surround simulation would not be activated since you only have two speakers. 

There are soundbars with four speakers or more, that would project its sounds in different directions, transforming the illusion that music has filled the room from all directions. But still, at this budget-friendly price, the quality of the audio is preferable, and the quality is convenient. 

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Unboxing & Set-up

The Vizio SB3621 comes in a bright orange box, where the bar, a sleek sub, a remote, 3.5 mm, and optical cables to connect to external devices like your TV and the instruction manual is included to ensure the user experience is enhanced. It looks very sharp, with clean finished silver plates that make it very attractive. 

Besides, at the bottom, there is a power plugin with the on/off button. It is black on its top and its connection side, while where the silver plates lie, you can see a V logo in the middle that doubles up to enhance its high-quality subwoofer look. 

You have an AUX cable as an input on the left-hand side and a USB right below it to support high-quality Wav files. You also have a power input on the right and digital inputs on this side. 

With the technology that has engineered Vizio SB3621, an extremely thin sub has bettered its set-up; place it under chairs or couches, ensuring optimum rumble whenever your favorite TV program comes up online.

Remote functions

This is your self/instant directive whenever you wish to switch inputs, lower or raise the volume, as well as adjusting the bass, treble, and EQ to suit the bass level that will match your movie/music. 

This ability opens up a world of difference, uniquely when you’ve correctly placed the sub strategically. If you are not interested in tons of rumble, turning the subwoofer down is an easy thing to do. 

However, if you want to feel each high node, pump it up to pitch. Vizio SB3621’s remote has a small lovely screen and all necessary buttons that immediately navigate you between AUX to digital with a single press. Also, the LEDs will let you know which input is active in the selection. 

There are more functions on the remote that you’ll learn from the instruction manual that comes with the package. 


Vizio SB3621 has been denied connection to its peripheral via HDMI arc. If you wish to know, HDMI arc is one port that permits higher-quality playback when connected to your TV together with CEC control that allows your TV remote to operate the volume and power. 

Still, Vizio can be programmed to work on any other TV remote, but again, connecting with the optical cable included can do the trick by ticking the same boxes as ARC. 

Apparently, you will have to be using your TV as the connection hub to allow room peripherals like; gaming console, stream box, cable TV box, and direct the audio to the soundbar. 

Alternatively, as we know that Vizio SB3621 is a wireless subwoofer, therefore connecting it via Bluetooth can work for anyone who loves streaming music. Besides, the USB interface is also an excellent option to go by, and the digital coaxial inputs as our last means of connection. 

Openly, you can bumble your way through the possibilities and find your suitable connection input via the remote. 

The sound

The stereo offered by Vizio SB3621 has been propagated by the 36-inch width soundbar and supplemented by the subwoofer, which in turn creates a full spectrum signature sound that is associated with larger bars. It’s also impressive how the support from DTS & Dolby Digital audio has facilitated the solid digital sound emanating from this soundbar. 

Despite the fact that it will not relay any potent or cinematic rumble like a 46-inch soundbar, its ability to shake your seats will leave you amazed. Switch it on, directly play your favorite scariest scenes, and there isn’t going to be distortion even at high volumes. The ability to play with bass, treble, and volume independently ensures you get the quality of sound of your choice. 

Vizio SB3621 has the ambition to elevate the mood of the action scene. One of the rarest things that come with affordable soundbars is the ability to enjoy the boxy quality of our favorite tunes even in music mode, despite the 2.1 system. The system may be 36 inches wide, but when properly projected a wall to wall soundstage in the listening room, its TruSurround processing would be too bright. 

Moreover, you wouldn’t have any trouble dishing out deep bass and, consequently, when you want moderate bass volumes to enhance a decent definition. The soundbar naturally plays balanced dialogue, and for any music genre, the sound was better than ever. 

Some peps would ask whether we could make the sub misbehave and play The Avenger End Game so loud? Of course, yes, this sub’s woofer tries to keep up with breaking codes, but the bass can be thickening, and eventually turns muddy. To avoid this scenario, lowering the volume to moderate can restore the level of composure. 

If you compare Vizio SB3621 with more expensive models like Yamaha YAS-106 and Zvox SB380 soundbars systems, you will realize that Vizio is the only one having external subwoofers. Equally important, Vizio SB3621 is quite cheaper than the two models making it preferred of choice. 

Vizio SB3621 has also overtaken the Yamaha YAS-106 soundbar when tested with stereo music files. SB3621 will sound thinner than YAS-106 while Yamaha incorporated a richer and warmer balance sounding a little muffled if you compare it with SB3621, which was clearer and livelier. 

Product Warranty

In our Vizio SB3621 Review, we would like to also touch on its one-year warranty, which is the average term for a soundbar. In case of other queries, you can contact their support staff by email, phone, or through the live chat for questions concerning its features and connection with your existing system. We would recommend the live chat for the fastest means of getting answers in order.

Best Features

  • 36 inches width sub
  • 2.1-inch loudspeaker system
  • Includes a remote controller
  • Power connector
  • Bluetooth enabled wireless soundbar
  • Comes with an instruction manual


  • It is relatively cost-effective. With less than 200$ you acquire it
  • The soundbar is Bluetooth enabled for a wireless connection
  • It can transform your music listening experience 
  • DTS and Dolby Digital offer audio support for a digital sound


  • It lacks support to HDMI Arc port connection
  • May not bass like premium soundbars due to the 2.1-inch system limitation, especially for individuals with love for action movies experience

Why should you put it in your Cart?

If you wish to upgrade from your TV speakers with a low budget, then Vizio SB3621 is the absolute alternative. It has a lot to focus on, but if you consider the budget-friendliness, you wouldn’t want to hide the desire to acquire it sooner. 

The bar looks smaller than the standard size for similar bars and the wireless sub, which is the smallest available. Vizio SB3621 may not be a suitable soundbar for a movie person, but its ability to project accurate vocals and clear dialogue enhances your music listening experience. 

Final Word

Vizio SB3621 is an excellent way to equip your home with theatre sound acquired at a palatable price. It offers great value for a packed edition that easily blends with any TV, thus creating an outboard sound solution. 

Vizio has a great history in producing long lasting products and Vizio SB3621 being among the recently available soundbar systems. Therefore, it should serve you for years as you take good care of “her.” It clearly brings you the best possible sound worth your money. 

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