Sony HT-X8500 Soundbar Review

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The Sony HT-X8500 is a part of its 2019 lineup. If you are wondering the reason for this review being so late, it is because the bar’s specifications…

Sony HT-G700 Review

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Sony is the king of the multimedia universe. They have the kind of presence that very few can even imagine when it comes to audio-video products. If their…

Sony HT-X9000F Review

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Sony’s HT-X9000F is a unique device. It doesn’t cost a bomb, yet has Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and UltraHD video Passthrough support. It is 2.1Ch soundbar but can mimic…

Sony HT-ST5000 Review

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If you always care about the quality of the sound in your home entertainment, then cranking your music up with the Sony HT-ST5000 can come in handy. Sony…

Sony HT-CT150 3D Soundbar

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The Sony HT-CT150 3D is one of the newest soundbars offered by Sony. The package contains the main sound unit and a separate subwoofer which is actually the center piece of this system. Instead of turning the subwoofer into an auxiliary device, the people from Sony decided to use it as an amplifier and the main control station so if you want to connect a device or turn down the volume, you have to look at the subwoofer first.


Sony HT-CT500 Home Theater Soundbar

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The Sony HT-CT500 is a step-up version of the earlier HT-CT100, which is a single-speaker audio system. HT-CT500 retains the same basic two-part design that consists of a…

Sony HT-CT100 Soundbar

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If you want to enjoy surround sound while watching a movie, you should consider getting a small, but powerful sound bar: the Sony HT-CT100. With this particular sound bar, you will only get one piece of equipment and you will enjoy sound coming from all directions.