LG HLB54S Home Cinema System

LG HLB54S is a stylishly designed Blu-Ray soundbar with wireless subwoofer that comes with a variety of convenient features, including iPod or iPhone connectivity, USB External Hard Drive with playback up to 2TB, WiFi and DLNA connectivity, YouTube playback, and many more. This self-contained Blu-Ray player seems to know what the consumer tastes are today and incorporates as much as possible within one sleek, stylish design.

The LG HLB54S is a 2-unit build. The main unit measures at 999mm (W) x 110mm (H) x 190mm (D), while the subwoofer is 214mm x 405mm x 362mm. The rear connections include one HDMI output, two HDMI inputs, one Ethernet (RJ45) port, one antenna terminal and an iPod Cradle Connection that connects via cable. There is a USB port in front. Inside, it is a 4.1 channel system.

The glossy black finish makes this system easily matched with most available flatscreen tv and monitors in the market. It weighs only 4kg overall, and its features include some functions to meet some of the more popular consumer use such as iPod or iPhone connectivity and even YouTube playback.

Setting Up the LG HLB54S
Users will find that setting up the soundbar is pretty easy. The connections are obvious, and it features the advanced Digital Living Network which allows access to digital content by connecting to other DLNA compatible devices. This includes connection to PCs and mobiles, and the technology allows sharing of movie and music. With its fully integrated Wi-Fi technology, there is no necessity for hardware connection.

It also integrated Video on Demand (VoD), in which users may click to access to the YouTube collections online and the additional BD Live means having access to extra content and downloadable features from film makers’ websites.

The 2 HDMI inputs will allow connection with other devices such as a game console, DVD recorder or HD satellite box.

This system also boasts of the Simplink feature which will allow control of all connected AV devices with one remote control. This is simply LG’s expression for HDMI CEC control. When users press on the Simplink button, a list of components will be displayed on screen and users will only need to select which device to change. However, there is no guarantee that it works 100%.

LG HLB54S Blu-ray Sound bar

Sound and Video Quality
This soundbar is said to be specially tuned by Mr. Mark Levinson, who carved his name in the high-end audio industry which extends to audio systems for Lexus automobiles. Boasting 430W of power, a wireless subwoofer and an integrated WiFi Blu-Ray player, and sporting the latest in home networking capabilities at the same time, this player is surprisingly delightful and delivers clear image and sound quality.

Every detail on the screen can be seen from Blu-Ray movies. It carries not only Blu-Ray technology but also a full HD (1080p) up-scaling, which may improve the quality of most, if not all, other disc formats output.

The LG HLB54S with 4.1 channel also features the LG Sound Gallery which includes seven simple options to enhance the sound being played. The night mode will also turn down the bass to allow a softer tone for soothe listening without interrupting others.

Pros and Cons
The Simplink feature does not always perform as promised. This has already been a known and oft complained matter but the problem may not lie on the well-intended feature that LG offers. There may be instances that the devices turn each other on or off even though the user does not want that to happen. It also does not help that there is no documentation or help from the support center.

Users will not face any hassle while operating the LG HLB54S Blu-Ray Soundbar, and for the price it asks for, it does deliver some of the better qualities that LG can offer.

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