Pioneer HTP-SB300


Pioneer has finally caught up with the idea of sound bars and launched its first system, the HTP-SB300, during CEDIA 2009.

The design is a simple black. There is a main unit and a subwoofer. From the size of it, it is obvious that this system is suitable for smaller rooms. While most other manufacturers design sound bars that can be either wall mounted or placed on a flat surface, Pioneer’s model is intended for wall mounting. It looks great for smaller monitors, between 32” to 37”.

Pioneer HTP-SB300 sub

HTP-SB300 is a 3.1 channel system that consumes 250W of power. There are two center channel speakers, a wireless subwoofer and two HDMI inputs and high-resolution A/V output. The speakers measure 900 x 108 x 95mm and weighs only 2.8kg. Meanwhile, the subwoofer is 411 x 181 x 215mm, and is slightly heavier with 4.3kg. The unit has a fluorescent display with a 4-step dimmer. Purchase comes with a remote control too. Meanwhile, the wire-free design is meant to impress and modern home owners will find that the design of such a compact sound bar is ideal when there is concern about space.

Pioneer is popular for its audio quality and this sound bar carries the tradition of quality. HTP-SB300 features Front Stage Surround Advance, and Pioneer claims that users will experience a guaranteed enveloping front surround sound, whether it is music or movies. There is also the Sound Retriever technology that is said to bring significant improvements to compressed audio files, elevating them to CD quality. The Auto Level Control is supposed to equalize volume level differences between tracks.

Pioneer HTP-SB300 remote

There are nine advanced Surround Modes, namely Action, Unplugged, Sports, Advanced Game, Drama, Entertainment Show, Classical, Rock/Pop, and Extended Stereo. It carries the decoder for Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic Surround, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS.

Pioneer fans can expect this unit to be available at stores during Winter 2009.

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