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The ZVOX 430 soundbar is a simple system which focuses more on sound quality than on design. This unit is perfect for flat screen TVs which measure between 32 and 42 inches. A unique part about this soundbar is the fact that it is enclosed in wood. This means that the sound quality is particularly impressive, but there are a few other factors which contribute to the final result.

The system measures 30.4 inches in width, 5 inches in depth and 5.7 inches in height if you remove its feet. The total weight of the ZVOX 430 is 14 pounds, which is not much for such a large box. You can mount it on the wall if you want to, but most people opt for placing it on a stand, under the TV set. There is not much to say about this unit when it comes to design. The soundbar is covered by a simple see through black grille and the wooden elements are painted black. This is not the most attractive system around, but it gets the job done since it compensates in sound quality. The unit doesn’t even have a display, but you won’t feel the need for one either. Each push of the button will be acknowledged by a small LED light hidden behind the grille.

Setting up the ZVOX 430
Setting up the ZVOX 430 is one of the easiest jobs you can find. You just have to plug it in and connect a couple of cables to your TV and you will be good to go. The included remote control is easy to use and your job is finished as soon as you power the system on. You don’t have to deal with complicated sound settings and you don’t even have to look into the manual.

This unit comes with a built in amplifier which works at 60 watts and the system works at a frequency range of 45 Hz to 20 kHz. Three speaker drivers can be noticed behind the grille, each one measuring 3.25 inches. A 4 inch subwoofer is also present and it will offer remarkable sound for small to medium sized rooms. If you want to place the ZVOX 430 in a larger room, you can always add a more powerful subwoofer through the output jack. This simple addition makes the system useable in very large rooms.

You don’t have to worry about the placement of this soundbar since it is magnetically shielded and it won’t interfere with TV sets or other monitors.
There are only two mixed inputs available. This means that if you connect two devices at once, you will hear them both. This is not an ideal situation and you will have to choose between using only one input at a time and simply switching one device off. Dual RCA jack inputs are also available for those who need them.

Sound quality
Without having to focus on design and video features, you can be sure that the ZVOX 430 is all about sound quality. After you first turn it on, you will be surprised to see how sound can fill your entire room. No matter where you decide to sit, the audio quality will always be the same: intense and extremely clear. Turning up the volume to maximum will not go smoothly, but this can be solved by adding an optional subwoofer.
Watching movies will be a new experience since explosions and gunshots will be happening all around you and listening to music will certainly please your expectations. There is not much surround sound present, but the system wasn’t built for that.

Pros and cons

A good feature of the ZVOX 430 is the auto power on and off circuit. If you turn on a source, the system will automatically start. When the signal stops, the soundbar will wait for three minutes before shutting down. The sound quality is excellent and you will notice a huge difference between the sound coming from your TV and the one coming from the ZVOX 430.

Unfortunately, this system doesn’t come with many features and it might not fit the needs of most people who are looking for a soundbar.

At $400, there are a few soundbars which can compete with the ZVOX 430. However, if you are looking for clear and powerful sound, this is the soundbar which can offer them both. You won’t get anything else, but you can be sure that high quality sound will fill your room.

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    Can the ZVOX 430 be located BEHIND a flat-screen TV on the top of a corner cabinet without compromising the quality of the surround sound emulation?

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