LG HLX56S 3D Blu-ray Soundbar

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By now I’m sure everyone is aware what soundbars are or probably even own a set. Typical sound bars usually came with one long sound bar unit together with a wi-fi subwoofer. However, LG HLX 56S 3D Blu-ray soundbar looks to change the way people look at surround bars by providing a lot more than just plain audio enhancements. The LG HLX 56S 3D Blu-ray soundbar actually comes to the foray as a complete home cinema system. Not only does it give you some loud sounds it also comes with a built in Blu-ray player – which plays 3D Blu-ray content – , net portal, digital amplifier as well as Smart TV and an iPod dock. If that got you excited about the soundbar’s potential, read on to find out how it fared.


Blu-ray sound bar LG HLB54S

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LG HLB54S is a stylishly designed Blu-Ray soundbar with wireless subwoofer that comes with a variety of convenient features, including iPod or iPhone connectivity, USB External Hard Drive…