The Sharp HT-SB200 is a sound bar which can offer 32W of power from a 2.1 channel system. This unit will give you the illusion of surround sound through four built in subwoofers and a couple of other drivers. The technology used for achieving this effect is called HDSS which stands for high definition sound standard, but the HT-SB200 is also known for the SRS WOW HD technology which can really enhance the sound quality offered by this system.

This is not the most attractive sound bar in existence, but it is clear the people from Sharp didn’t want to focus on this aspect. You will get a simple sound bar which is 31.5 inches wide, 2.5 inches tall and 2.75 inches deep. This means that it will look great next to any black TV which measures between 32 and 42 inches. You can mount it on a wall or simply place it next to your TV because its small height won’t block the signal of your remote control.

A small display panel is placed on the center of the sound bar and it usually shows the current input. If you change the volume, the display will show you how close you are to the maximum value of 60. If this panel distracts you from watching a movie, you can always reduce its intensity. You will notice a few buttons around the display. They are used for switching between the four available modes: Cinema/Game, Standard, News and Sports. You can also adjust the sound modes, inputs and volume from another set of buttons or turn the sound bar on and off.

Setting up the HT-SB200
The sound bar only has two inputs: a 3.5 mm mini jack and an analogue stereo. This might cause some problems, especially if you are planning to use your audio system for multiple sources. On the upside, you won’t have to spend time when trying to connect the sound bar to your TV because of the limited options. The system can be controlled by the mini remote which comes with the package. It only has a few buttons, just enough to control the volume, the levels of your subwoofer and switching between audio modes. There are many settings which can be adjusted and this means that you will eventually get perfect sound, no matter the size of your room or the type of movie you are trying to watch. This remote control can also be used on a few Sharp TVs.

Sharp HT-SB200

Sound quality
If this is your first sound bar and you are upgrading straight from the speakers of your flat screen TV, you won’t be disappointed. The sound offered by the HT-SB200 will seem amazing and you won’t regret buying it. Compared to other sound bars, the system is not the best you can get, but it is a competitive model if you take a look at the asking price of $249.

You will hear sounds which you never heard before in certain movies and the whole experience will be different. This sound bar can’t be compared to 5.1 channel systems, but the surround feel is present. It only appears from time to time, but you can’t ask for more at this price. The bass sounds are far better than what you get from a TV set, but way under the quality offered by a simple subwoofer. It all depends on what you are used to. If you own a 5.1 channel system, this sound bar won’t live up to your expectations, but if you are used to watching movies on your TV without any separate speakers, you will be more than satisfied with what you get.

The lack of a full Dolby Digital or DTS decoder can be noticed since the SRS WOW HD barley increases the size of the sound stage. You will notice this effect, but it can’t really be compared to surround sound systems. The best way to enjoy the effects offered by this system is to find the sweet spot and sit directly into it.

After you make the necessary sound adjustments, the HT-SB200 becomes a reasonable system when it comes to sound quality. It will improve your movie viewing experience and listening to music will certainly become your favorite activity.

Sharp HT-SB200

Pros and Cons
One of the advantages of getting this console is the fact that the people from Sharp have included a standby mode which is activated if you leave the system idle for too long, which is great for power saving. The clear difference between your regular TV speakers and this sound bar is also a plus, but there are a few problems.

There are a couple of models in this price range and the HT-SB200 is not necessarily the best. You need to analyze your needs and see if some other sound bar can satisfy them better. The lack of a subwoofer is a clear disadvantage and you will notice it if you are a fan of action movies. The system is not recommended to those who have very large rooms.

The Sharp HT-SB200 can be considered a competitive sound bar in its price range. You will get a minor touch of surround sound and the sound quality overall is better than what most people expect at this price. At the end of the day, what you see is what you get and this sound bar is a simple audio system which can enhance the audio of movies and music alike.

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  1. anonymous

    it sounded better at the shop. 

  2. anonymous

    I like it. I have it as a present for my birthday and let me admit that I’m mostly using it for games rather than for the tv. The sound is fuller than when I depend solely on the tv, and there’s no need to crank up the volume much.

  3. jody

    I got this for my bedroom. It helps my tv sounds better. I guess that’s enough for me.

  4. anonymous

    it took me about two minute to get it started up and running. And it is better than just relying on my tv speakers alone.

  5. Kenneth Gillespie

    I’ve got a universal remote, and I can control my tv and the speakers with it. However, I noticed that it’s louder when it starts up and in time the level drops. Quality of sound is not really that good either.

  6. anonymous

    but you have to agree that it sounds good, right? I can only say that there’s not enough ‘power’ to it. And don’t ever turn the subwoofer to the max if you have a heart attack! There’s just too much thumping.

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