The Sony HT-CT150 3D is one of the newest soundbars offered by Sony. The package contains the main sound unit and a separate subwoofer which is actually the center piece of this system. Instead of turning the subwoofer into an auxiliary device, the people from Sony decided to use it as an amplifier and the main control station so if you want to connect a device or turn down the volume, you have to look at the subwoofer first.


The soundbar itself comes with one of the simplest designs you can find: a black cloth on top of a wide sound unit which you will place beneath your TV. The system looks great in its simplicity, but you have to make sure that your TV is large enough to look good next to a soundbar that is 31.5 inches wide and 2.6 inches high. This unit is only 2.8 inches deep, so you will always have the impression that the whole system is embedded into the wall. This part of the Sony HT-CT150 3D is just a little over 2 pounds heavy and it contains two drivers which measure 2 inches each.

The subwoofer, however, is a little bit bigger and it has a different design. At 23 pounds, you will have to find a solid shelf that can hold this large unit. It measures no less than 7.75 inches in width, 17.75 inches in height and 16.25 inches in depth. This piece of equipment normally looks a little bulky, but the simple design and great finishing touches make it blend into the environment quite easily. The top side of the subwoofer contains a small display screen and a few buttons and on the bottom side you will notice the Sony label and a nice slick design. Underneath the black grille, you will find a 5.1-inch driver which will certainly get the job done no matter how much you strain it.

Setting up the Sony HT-CT150 3D

After you find the perfect spot for both of the sound units that you will find in the package, you have to decide which connections you want to use. The Sony HT-CT150 3D comes with three HDMI inputs, one Digital Media Port, two stereo inputs, two optical S/PDIF inputs and one coaxial input.
Thanks to the BRAVIA Sync feature, you can control this soundbar and any other Sony device with a single remote which is included in the package.


Sound quality

The subwoofer certainly lives up to the expectations and you won’t be disappointed by the strong notes delivered by this system. However, the mids and highs might be a little underpowered and this is something that you will notice in clear dialogue scenes, right after the thrill of an action sequence. However, most of the time the Sony HT-CT150 3D will keep the sound in check and everything will be balanced. It is nice to see that this soundbar can actually offer a hint of surround sound and you will often feel immersed into the scene quite deeply.

Pros and Cons

One of the best parts about the Sony HT-CT150 3D is the fact that it supports 1080p HDTV, Dolby Digital, DTS and 3D. If you are planning on watching many movies, you should focus on getting a soundbar that offers these features. The design of this soundbar is also quite attractive and the three HDMI inputs shouldn’t be overlooked. Most systems that fall into the same category as the HT-CT150 don’t offer these many connectivity options and such exceptional built quality.

A big problem that might appear during the setup is finding the right place for the subwoofer. If you can’t see it, your remote control won’t work, so you won’t be able to hide it behind your couch. The sound quality is great for those who have small or medium sized rooms, but you might want to search for a more powerful unit if you want to place the system in a large, open area. Other than that, there isn’t much to say about this soundbar.


Those who are tired of listening to movies and music through their TV set will certainly be impressed with what the Sony HT-CT150 3D has to offer. It looks great, it can offer high quality sound to a certain extent and it even has the separate subwoofer. If you have a Sony BRAVIA TV set, you can also control both of the units with the same remote which makes things even easier. This is a system that you should certainly check out, especially if you want a soundbar that can be used for all of your audio needs.

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