Sharp HTSB300 soundbar


The Sharp HT-SB300 is a wide and slim sound bar which might be the perfect addition to your living room. You will be surprised to see how such a small sound bar can offer strong and vivid sound. The system contains four woofers which measure 2.25 inches each and 2 mains which measure 1.5 inches each. Their combined force will be enough to fill an entire room with sound at an output of 32W. This means that the system is not a good idea for those who have a large room, but it will work perfectly for those who want to place it in a small or medium sized area. This is one of the cheapest sound bars available and you can find it at under $300.

The system is perfect for those who have a 32 inch screen TV, since it measures 31.5 inches in width, 3.75 inches in height and 2.75 inches in depth. You can place it anywhere on your wall with the included metal bracket, but it also looks great right in front of the TV since it has adjustable rubber feet and it only weighs 4.1 pounds.

The sound bar is black and it comes with a simple black grille. You will notice a basic display in the middle.

Setting up the HT-SB 300
You will receive the red white stereo cable along with the sound bar, but you have a few other choices when it comes to connectivity. The unit supports coaxial and optical digital audio, as well as an optional subwoofer.

You will receive a very small remote which is perfect for basic controls, including the levels of the bass. This remote can also be used on a Sharp Aquos LCD, so if you own one, you should see this as a plus.

Sharp HTSB300 soundbar remote

Sound quality
The HTSB 300 comes with a number of features and it uses various technologies for offering top quality sound. Clear sound and lack of distortion is guaranteed by the high definition sound standard. You can also be sure that the dialog won’t fade out thanks to the SRS labs WOW HD Sound, a technology which will keep the bass sounds in line.

There are many audio options available: Dolby digital decoding, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital, Dolby Virtual Speaker and DTS. If you plan on using this system with Blu Ray discs, you won’t enjoy the full capability of the movies you are watching, but the HT-SB 300 will perform fairly well for a $300 system.

When watching a movie, you will appreciate the presence of bass sounds, but you won’t feel the action happening around you. Even at maximum volume, the sounds are not powerful and explosions or guns firing won’t seem as real as they would through a real subwoofer. If you switch to SRS WOW HD, you will get a high sense of surround sound, which is amazing when you think about the small price of this sound bar. The movie watching experience can be enhanced with this simple sound bar, but you shouldn’t expect a miracle.

In the end, you will forget that your sound bar is a somewhat simple 2.1 channel system, but you won’t be fooled into thinking that you have a full surround audio unit in the room. The sound offered by this product is good, but not great.

Listing to music is better than watching a movie on the HT-SB300. You won’t feel the lack of a subwoofer that much and the clear and clean sound offered by the system will make you enjoy every note. The system performs admirably when you crank up the volume to maximum, but it works perfectly if you keep the volume at a medium level.

Pros and Cons
The HTSB 300 is a very cheap sound bar, especially if you look at what it has to offer. The sound quality can be tweaked through the remote control until it reaches perfection and you can even add a subwoofer if you are not happy with the result.

On the other hand, the system is not that great if you want to watch movies and don’t plan on getting a subwoofer.

For just $300 you can get a great sound bar which comes with a 1 year warranty. This system is great for listening to music and watching movies and you will surely feel the difference between the speakers which come with your flat TV screen and the sound quality offered by this sound bar. There aren’t many sounds bars on the market which come at such a low price, but you should keep an eye out for new models.

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  1. Anonymous

    We got this soundbar, hoping to fit it with our existing Aquos, because nothing could possibly go wrong with two Sharps put together. True enough, the quality was outstanding, matching our Aquos perfectly! We really enjoy the crisp sounds it produced.

  2. -anonymous-

    We added a subwoofer to it, and it got so much better. I’d give it an A+ anytime.

  3. Clay123

    It’s really suitable for our mini theater, usually used by my son for his video games. I set this up when he was in the midst of his exam, so I get to enjoy it first with my wife. It’s compact, and the TV in our mini theater is also just a 42” TV. We placed it beneath our wall-mounted TV, and equally has about 5” on both sides.

    Looks beautiful. Even though the room is small, the soundbar does not give the slightest illusion of being a surround sound. It does, however, amplify the sounds from the TV quite well, which is good enough for the mini theater. We also plugged in our existing subwoofer to it, which helps give the bass a little “oomph”.

  4. Anonymous679

    It’s easy to set up, there’s nothing too complicated about the wiring. Previously I had a 5.1 system at my old house, just a very simple one. But this one is even more simple!

  5. anonymouss

    There is good improvement to sound quality, compared to just sound from a tv. We do not have a subwoofer, but this is enough for us in our living room.

  6. -Anony-

    We were trying to decide between this soundbar and a low-end surround sound system, and this one won because it was supposed to be for our bedroom, not to match the home theater system. There’s one problem though, our universal remote control does not work with this sound bar. Otherwise, we’re happy about it.

  7. Sam

    It’s stylish, and matches my Sharp Aquos TV. They must be thinking about the Aquos customers for this. There are four modes to this soundbar, but I don’t switch between any of them. I just use the cinema and leave it that way.

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