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The HT-WS1G surround bar is a 2.1 channel system also known as the Crystal Surround Air Track. It comes at around $400, which makes it one of the lower priced units around. Even so, you shouldn’t imagine that this is a low quality system because this is not the case. Samsung has managed to create a low budget sound system which doesn’t lack quality in any department.

The sound bar can be easily confused with a top of the line audio system when you look at its design. The HT-WS1G measures no less than 40 inches (1 meter) in width. The system measures a little less than 2 inches in depth (4.5 centimeters) and 4 inches in height (10 centimeters). You can place it on your wall or use the transparent stand if you want to put it in front of your flat panel TV. You will have to find a different location for the subwoofer, preferably in a place which doesn’t obstruct sound from reaching your ears. The subwoofer is almost 15 inches tall (37 centimeters), around 12 inches wide (29 centimeters) and 12 inches deep. The design of the sound bar is attractive through its simplicity. The whole system looks neat and clean and it doesn’t even include a display panel. Instead, the people from Samsung added a few barley noticeable lights which will quickly disappear if they are inactive.

The volume levels are indicated through a series of blue lights which are placed vertically on the left side of the sound bar. On the opposite side, you will notice two LEDs which will show you the current audio format and sound mode by lighting up in a different color. The only buttons included in the sound bar are touch-sensitive and they can be used for adjusting the volume and or switching the power on and off.

The subwoofer is wireless, which is great if you are trying to keep the number of cables to a minimum. You can place it wherever you like and it will still deliver the same sound quality. While other subwoofers are easy to hide, you will probably want to keep this one somewhere where you can see it, thanks to its great design.

The remote control is one of the best looking ones around. Instead of getting a large remote which can easily be confused with the one from your TV, you will receive a smaller, rounded one which gets the job done. There are only a few buttons on it and each one of them is placed in the perfect location. Besides basic things like volume, source and sound mode, you can also turn on your TV with a separate power button.

Samsung HT-WS1G side view

Setting up the HT-WS1G
The system only contains two inputs, which isn’t an ideal scenario. An optical digital audio input should do the trick and this means that you will be able to connect your Blu Ray player and benefit from the built in DTS and Dolby Digital decoding. A mini-jack is available, but you will need to get an adapter if you plan on connecting stereo sources. HD audio decoding can’t be performed by the HT-WS1G and you won’t get a HDMI input either, which is not a surprise considering the price. As long as you make sure that this sound system can be connected to your audio or video player, you shouldn’t have any problems.

The unit can easily be mounted on the wall with the included bracket. After you’re done with this, the system will be ready to go; you just have to finish the connections. If the subwoofer isn’t functioning at first, you simply have to push the reset button and everything will work perfectly.

Sound quality

You should switch between the sound modes as soon as you turn on the system: Cinema, Music and News. If you are not happy with the results, you can use your own settings, but this won’t be the case since the Cinema mode works wonderfully. Even so, no matter what you do with the settings, you will never hear true surround sound, even compared to what you get from other sound bars. The quality of the audio is great, but the surround effects lack immersion and you might get frustrated, especially if this is why you wanted to get the system in the first place.

The addition of a subwoofer is certainly a good move from the people at Samsung, but the fact that you can’t modify the sound levels of this unit is a disappointment.

The system should offer 260W, but this won’t be that impressive, especially if you have a large room. If you turn the volume up to maximum, you will still get clear and clean sound, but you will also notice that the HT-WS1G lacks the punch you’d expect from such a system.

When watching movies, you will receive everything you can expect from a 2.1 channel system and the HT-WS1G won’t let you down, as long as you are not expecting any type of surround sound.

The system performs admirably when listening to music and it can hit the notes perfectly without any drawbacks whatsoever.

Samsung HT-WS1G Soundbar 1

Pros and cons
The HT-WS1G is a very cheap sound bar, especially if you take a look at the fact that it comes with a wireless subwoofer. The unit looks great and it performs incredibly in small to medium rooms, but if you want to get a system which can blow your ears off, this is not the one for you.

This sound bar is not particularly loud and this is can be a serious disadvantage to some. The lack of surround sound is also a downside, but most people didn’t expect impressive results in this category because of the low price.

If you are not an expert in sound bars and you simply want to get a stylish, well built and relatively strong audio system at a low price, the HT-WS1G is certainly the system for you. At just $400 you will get a complete sound system and you will surely have more fun listening to music or watching movies once you add this unit next to your flat screen TV. If you look at other systems which cost about the same, you will see that they are outperformed by this sound bar in all departments.

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  1. Hershel

    I had some slight problems during the setup even if it is straightforward. I was referring to the manual and couldn’t get it right. But luckily there’s the internet, and I had it done after that. The main problem was actually the setup for the subwoofer, I’m supposed to have it turned off before that. And they didn’t put that into the manual.

  2. Daryl

    I tried it, with and without the subwoofer. Without, the sound is already great. With, it sounds even better. Kudos to Samsung!

  3. anonymous

    I’m only looking for something to go with my new TV. I got a Samsung TV and thought that I’d get its soundbar too. Good enough, it gives me what I want when I watch movies. At least it’s clear and has a subwoofer for the bass tones. The sub is wireless, rather convenient for placement.

  4. Castro

    Overall, I’m pretty happy with this sound bar. It looks good, and the sound is good as well, even if it is not a full 5.1 channel surround sound system. One sad thing is that the shut down is slow, around 20 mins or so. But still performs well in my little room.

  5. anonymous

    It did not rattle my wooden floors even with the subwoofer on. Just right! 

  6. Ernie Francis

    I’d not have this if I’m looking for a real full surround system. This system is just right for those who understand that it’s not a 5.1, and that it will never be “real”.

  7. SBguy

    Economic. Loud. Easy to set up. Easy to use.

  8. Mario Maldonado

    Great buy for the buck…. Easy to setup and always have it on cinema. I would recommend this to anyone. It also looks great on top of my new 55″ samsung.

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