Samsung HW-D550 AudioBar

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Soundbars are in no way here to take over the audio industry by beating their older brothers, the 5.1 surround system. However, they have created a niche of…

Samsung HW-D450 AudioBar Home Theater System

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If you are a tech geek and also love movies, then you probably already own a HDTV at home. However, after spending all that money, you might think twice about getting a complete 5.1 audio system although you know your HDTV speakers just won’t suffice. This is where soundbars come in, as they give you a better audio performance for a rather small size and more often than not, at a smaller price scale too. In our hands we have one such soundbar, the Samsung HW-D450. At a selling price of $299.99, it is way cheaper than Samsung’s HW-D550 sound bar but looks very similar and also promises to pack a decent audio punch to your living room. So read on for an in-depth review of the Samsung HW-D450.


Soundbar Systems: Choosing The Best Soundbar For Your Needs

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soundbar speakers

Sound bar systems were developed for those who want to enjoy the full surround sound experience without the classical hassle offered by 5 or 7 speakers and a subwoofer. A simple sound bar can offer the same sound quality with a single piece of equipment and an optional subwoofer. In most cases, the sound bar itself will be located somewhere near your flat screen TV, perhaps mounted on the wall. The illusion of surround sound is offered through various technologies, such as bouncing the sound off the walls. Other technologies can offer complete surround audio by changing the orientation of each driver and cancelling out certain noises. The process can be quite complicated, but the result is the same: you will enjoy watching HD movies without having to buy a large audio system.


Samsung HT-WS1R Soundbar

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  The Samsung HT-WS1R is a two piece audio system composed of a sound bar and a wireless subwoofer. This sound bar can be the perfect choice for…

Samsung HT-WS1G Soundbar

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  The HT-WS1G surround bar is a 2.1 channel system also known as the Crystal Surround Air Track. It comes at around $400, which makes it one of…

Samsung HT-BD8200 Soundbar

  The Samsung HT-BD8200 sound bar can be considered a complete sound system; you will receive the highly demanded surround sound from a simple unit, an included subwoofer…

Samsung HT-X810T Soundbar

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If your main concern when choosing an audio system for your flat screen TV is lack of space, you should certainly learn more about the HT-X810T. This unit…