The Media 4 (or M4 for short) is Q Acoustics’ first soundbar might just be the perfect soundbar to augment the sound. Q-Acoustics is well known as a Hi-Fi audio manufacturer of Britain, and Media-4 is the first model introduced in the US.

We tested its 7000i and 2000i 5.1-speaker bundles and were dazzled by the quality of sound is produced in a wide variety of audio settings and range.

M4 soundbar is a superior dynamic speaker intended to convey hi-fi music and top-notch sound from a TV, set-top box, tablet or smartphone. With Bluetooth included, you can stream your music from a phone or by either using Spotify or Apple Music.

Q Acoustics M-4


Dimension 1000 x 142 x 90 MM
Subwoofer Twin-Coil
Power Output 100 Watt
Driver BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator)
Input Analog/Optical Input
Connectivity Bluetooth, APT-X, and NFC
Weight 5Kg
Audio input 3 (RCA, Optical, and 3.5mm)
Wall bracket Yes
App controller No
Standby power consumption 1
Normal use power consumption 14



Q Acoustics M-4 back

Media 4 is a solid unit. During the manual physical examination of the soundbar encasing we found that it is made from high-quality materials, very close to a finished matt material and a strong metal speaker mesh, all melded in flawlessly.

In the Q Acoustics M-4’s box, you get all the necessary cables, except an optical one,  which is a bummer because optical cables are known for delivering better outputs than their other counterparts. 

You additionally get rubber blocks to be put beneath the soundbar to reduce vibrations from deep bass and generally keeping the sound crisp and punchy.

It’s not the most stylish soundbar we’ve set eyes on, however, and nor is it the smallest – at 5.6 x 39.4 x 3.6 inches. 

The back end houses two keyhole fixings that enable you to hang the Media 4 on your living room wall. The inputs and outputs are situated on one of the slanting back edges, giving you a small space to connect cables when wall mounted.

We wanted to mount the soundbar on the wall. We were pleased to find out that thought had been put into the manufacturing and design of the mounting plate; the holes in the mounting plate enable you to make precise adjustments while mounting it to your walls. Post affixing the mounting plate, it had been merely a case of putting the bar on the plate, we were good to go. 

Next, connect the power cable and the audio input cable (Analog or Optical). This includes an analog cable is about two meters long, which is enough for most needs.



Q Acoustics M-4 connections

Power Output 100 Watt
THD at rated power <1.0%
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 KHz +-0.5dB
S/N ratio -85 dB
Line in 1 input sensitivity (RCA phono)  2.0 Vrms
Line in 1 input overload (RCA phono) 2.2 Vrms
Line in 2 input sensitivity (3.5mm Jack) 1.0 Vrms
Line in 2 input overload (3.5mm Jack) 1.2 Vrms


The M4’s digital optical and analog inputs permit it to interface with a wide scope of entertainment sources, including your TV, Sky or Virgin box, CD, DVD or Blu-Ray player, iPhone, smartphone, tablet, convenient music player, PC or online radio. 

With Bluetooth availability (utilizing aptX Lossless for sound spilling), the soundbar can practically connect to any Bluetooth sound gadget and remember up to eight pairings. 

The lack of HDMI attachments implies everything needs to get through your TV by means of the optical or analog input. yet there are two analog inputs (RCA and 3.5mm minijack), in addition to connecting an external subwoofer. You won’t need one, however, it’s nice to have the choice if you are a bass lover.



Its simple design makes the Media 4 a snap to use. The Media 4’s small LED makes things sufficiently understood – red for off, green and white for analog, and blue for Bluetooth.

The stout top buttons let you alter the volume very precisely, and there’s a remote control included with it. 

Fortunately, the Media 4 can be used with any digital remote that utilizes Philips RC5 codes, for example, the Sky handset.

For TV and movie viewing, dialogue is splendidly clear – We were very worried that the shortage of a middle speaker would make dialogue trickier to discern on surround content, We are pleased to mention that this is not the case.

As we mention, this really starts to sound amazing at volume. At low volumes dialogue is obvious, but the music feels lacking. At volume, it seems like a correct HiFi setup.

The M4 likewise has a power-saving mode, which is naturally initiated following 20 minutes of inactivity, so you are covered if you forgot to turn off the soundbar while it is not being utilized.


Smart Home Integration 

The M4 has been enhanced with a smart pre-amplifier and has been intended to enable louder and clearer sounds from the TV. You can utilize the Optical Out from your TV (2 channel PCM) and the M4 will identify when you need to watch the TV. The only thing you have to do is turn ON your TV.



It’s a really great set up from the ordinary flatscreen sound, bringing the full-bodied, pleasantly rounded and deep sounds we expected from the Q’s stereo speakers through to a soundbar.

The Media 4 Soundbar utilizes BMR amplifier drive units and the frequency response range of this soundbar is 20Hz to 20000Hz +-0.5dB. 20Hz which means you get the deepest bass that human ears can actually hear. 

Although we have seen lower frequency responses, it is nice to see Q’s adherence to quality industry standards.

We played a number of music tracks with Media-4 Q Acoustics, from classic style through to pop, electronic and rock, the M4 deals with it wonderfully. 

The sound is so detailed and clear that if you have heard a soundtrack in another set of soundbars, you will notice things that you might not have noticed before. 

The sad fact with the M4 is that the refinement and fineness it shows with music may make it excessively courteous and limited for action film sequences.

The M-4 also has another concern. This is about playing movie performance that it lacks the dedicated center of the channel, the loud bangs and bolts are a little diminished. 

In our Movie tests, we tested Avatar, Perfume, and Interstellar. All the bass-heavy sounds were delivered with clarity with enough headroom and the highs were crisp and clear for all the metal clatters and screeches.

It should be noted that its maximum volume could also be insufficient for an oversized room, or the very hard of hearing because it is by no means super powerful and loud.

The only gripe is the poor remote. It’s very small (4 cm x 8.5 cm x 0.7 cm) and as a consequence could easily stray down the side of the sofa or be thrown out with the newspapers. Some users require more control than simply on/off, volume, source and mute. This is a definite con.

We investigated employing a one for all remote rather than the supplied device. We looked up on OFA’s website for the code but Q Acoustics’ soundbars weren’t listed. We contacted QA support and it had been suggested that a Philips code may do the trick. After a touch of twiddling with our OFA (model 7980), We found that code 0641 worked. QA told us that they’re in-tuned with OFA with a view to getting their products listed.


Innovative Room Filling Acoustics 

The M4 guarantees that no matter where you are in your room, you will be hearing all the detail, each beat, and making the most of your music to its greatest potential. 

This is due to smart, wide scattering driver innovation and a powerful subwoofer, which not just easily fills your life with fresh and detailed sound yet, in addition, gives you powerful controlled bass.

It uses twin 65mm BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) drive units, the Media 4 gives pinpoint accuracy and overflows with detail straight up to high volume levels. BMR innovation combines the benefits of both flat panel and speakers with the goal that the M4 is genuinely powerful and won’t turn harsh when the music or film activity gets too loud. BMR speakers also have spatial imaging – compared with ordinary drive units, they give a wide and extensive sound that comes right out ‘into’ the room.

Pros Cons
  • Compact in size
  • Only having stereo
  • Value for money
  • Not having HDMI input
  • Powerful Bass
  • Small remote
  • User-friendly
  • Design could be Improved
  • APTX-Bluetooth in-built 



Q-Acoustics M-4 Soundbar gives good quality of bass and cohesive sound. It does not have HDMI input and surround sound processing features. But still, it is a good choice in this price range.

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