Most audiophiles shudder at the thought of using their built in TV speakers, even the best built in speakers simply don’t deliver enough sonic details to please audio buffs. So what would be the solution to this problem? One way would be to install a full multiple integrated home sound system, satisfying but too expensive and time consuming for all but those with deep pockets.  The cost effective compromise would be to install a sound bar to pair with your TV system and Boston Acoustics new TVee Model 30 sound bar that comes with a wireless Subwoofer System will satisfy all but the most hardcore audiophiles.


The Boston Acoustics sound bar looks like your normal sound bar with its rectangular profile and glossy black finish, except for two exceptions, one is the lack of remote control and two is the lack of audio cables. In terms of dimensions the unit is 5″ High x 38″ Wide x 3″ Deep, just the right size for a flat panel TV 40 to 50 inches in size. On the backside of the main unit is a switch to allow users to choose between a sitting “table” our mounted placement “wall” ; using a wall to mount the unit will harness some extra bass bite and the sitting or “table” mode adds some extra midrange to the sound output.  Rubber feet housings are provided for the “table” or cabinet placement, this thoughtful addition adds stability to the unit when placed on the ground,


The Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30 has three 3 1/2″ mid-bass drivers paired to three 3/4″ dome tweeters which offer true 3 channel settings.

On the rear of the unit panel there is one analog audio input which comes with the required cable, at the rear there is also one digital optical input and a wireless ID switch used for selecting the correct channel to match the frequency of the included wireless subwoofer. Looking at the left side of the sound bar, an extra analog input is visible. This input is meant for use with an iPod, Smartphone or music player system.

The wireless subwoofer is pretty small in size at only 14″ in height x 6″ in width x 15″ in depth, the casing sheaths a 7″ woofer located inside. Thus the unit can be easily concealed anywhere in the room you see fit. .The built in Bluetooth receiver also means you can stream music wirelessly from any other Bluetooth source. As mentioned before the Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30 doesn’t come with a remote instead it features a unique propriety learning feature which is a first in a sound bar system. To put it simply, the Model 30 does away with the remote and instead learns from your existing TV remote, for example when you power on the TV the unit automatically switches on too, this goes the same for the speaker volume and equalizer settings. The use of the existing TV remote works surprisingly well and reduces the clutter of an additional remote.

Sound Quality

In terms of sound the unit provides dual virtual surround or dedicated stereo sound this means that the system can be setup to suit either movie, TV watching or for playing games. The sound quality is really good for a system of this type and rates highly amongst other sound bars. The bass is thumping and the treble although a little muted is more than adequate for all but the most hardcore audiophiles.

Pros and Cons

In terms of pros when compared to its predecessor the Tvee Model 20 the new TVee Model 30 is light years ahead in terms of functionality and features. For example the extra connectors are a huge advancement over the TVee Model 20 that only came with RCA inputs, six drivers instead of the paltry two of the Model 20 and also the new “FCCM” (Fiber Ceramic Copolymer Material) similarly used in the Boston Acoustics Reflection Series really help make the sonic output shine thereby greatly increasing the listeners sound experience.

The only mild annoyance about the new TVee Model 30 sound bar aside from its rather steep price is its grille cover which is far too easy to rip out and will no doubt make it easy for naughty children and clumsy adults to pry it out either purposely or accidentally.


So how will does the Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30 fare in the sound bar acknowledge. As a relatively low cost way of improving your TV sound the Model 30 is certainly up to the task. The addition of several different connections as well as the ability to stream sound wirelessly via Bluetooth is just one of the many great features of the Model 30. The ability to toggle between stereo and virtual surround is another definitive plus although the virtual surround is more suited for gaming. The dual mode of placement (either vertically or horizontally) is also another ingenious feature and finally the smart learning feature unique to this unit which allows any remote to control the TVee Model 30 is a big selling point.  The only problem that may stop the Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30 is the large increment in price over the previous model. With the bevy of extra improvements over the last model the new pricing is well justified although consumers may have a tough time consoling themselves to the extra cost. Other than that we feel that the new Model 30 is a definite winner in terms of looks and features, only the buying public can decide whether or not it becomes a best seller.

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