Coby 3D-Audio Soundbar
CES events present yearly surprises and for the year 2010, the magical surprise comes from Coby.

The new Coby 3D-Audio Sound Bar claims to recreate a “real 3D sound environment” by just using stereo input. The company teamed up with Swiss company, sonic emotion, a provider of 3D sound technologies, for this innovation.

According to Andy Macaluso, sonic emotion’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, this product is the first sound bar that plays 3D sound from simple stereo input. He also said that the new Coby sound bar audio “comes to life around you in 3D” no matter which source it comes from including iPod.

The company explains that a 3D sound stage is created by using wave field synthesis. The technology creates a field of sonic waves that result in an illusion of sounds originating from all around. Users can expect an immersive, balanced audio regardless of listening position, device location and room dimensions. To spice it up, sonic emotion claims that users “don’t hear sounds from speakers, in fact they won’t even notice where the device is!”

While the venture does not reveal more information about their baby, not even the pricing, users may expect its debut during CES 2010. Right now, users need to contend with the given title of this system as “3D-Audio soundbar” and wait to see its performance. Will it be as fantastic as it claims to be?

Click below to read the press release by the company:

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