The JBL Bar Studio is an impressive and budget friendly soundbar best suited when you need an upgrade on your tv speakers. However, its portable nature gives it the front foot in its category. Its all-round overall performance and audio pedigree stands out amazingly. It is a compact, all-in-one soundbar producing a good crisp of sound working perfectly for a small-to-medium-sized living room. 

JBL Bar Studio exhibits a classic marriage of excellent usability, phenomenal sound, and functional design. It boasts of its dual bass ports surround sound monitor that manages to cram a whole lot of good sound experience to your movies and TV series. At astounding volumes, it can comfortably fill your room.

Its relatively small scale has been modified to overcome its limitations as compared to other soundbars, but at a lower price to produce an excellent sound quality. The inclusion of its ability to control the device with your pre-existing TV remote categorically takes the fuss out of the wireless connection. The attraction to the reproduction of a high-fidelity kind of sound will convincingly prompt you to put the JBL Bar Studio in your market basket.

JBL Bar Studio


Drivers  2 x 2in woofers; 2 x 1.5in tweeters
Remote batteries Yes 
Amplification 30W
Connections  1 x HDMI ARC; optical digital audio input; 3.5mm minijack input; USB
Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD MA No/No
Seperate subwoofer no
Remote control Yes 
Dimensions 33.7 x 6 x 5.1 inches
Weights 3.1 Pounds


  • Satisfactory Bass levels
  • Pocket friendly price
  • Its sound-per-pound is amazing
  • Controllable with any TV remote


  • It lacks timing and dynamics with music
  • Lacks rear speakers for better surround sound experience
  • No HDMI cable provided.

Features of the JBL Bar Studio


The soundbar is black in color, and it comes with its remote control and battery provided. You might choose to mount it on the wall, but it fits right below any medium-sized TV forming a decent look in your room without even looking malnourished. You will find the JBL Bar Studio attractive thanks to its slim nature. The soundbar has been simply designed with modern aesthetic high standard quality to suit the vast range of needs for customers’ satisfaction. Sitting at 60cm wide and 6cm tall, its color is able to blend well with most TV sets. 

Four basic control buttons are on top: source, volume controls, and power button. The optical sockets are found on the rear side, where you can connect different media files. Unfortunately, for the HDMI, it comes with a single port baring its users to connect various devices at once. The device, though, wouldn’t be an adverse selection if you consider it’s affordable.  If you are tight on space, you’ll have the privilege to avoid every clutter in the room due to its stylish, sleek design. 

Perhaps well known amongst other soundbars in the consumer market,is that the soundbar has certainly held its own stand out onboard specifications even though its absolute performance might not speak volumes. The look and feel of an all in one soundbar has been nailed in this device. Your in-house entertainment experience from your favorite music and movies will be lively with its in-built drivers packing more impressive audio into your home. You get to enjoy the most of every movie moment without the need of any additional woofer.

Wireless and connectivity

The JBL Bar Studio’s slender remote is worth having around for source-switching, volume, and bass level adjustments. It gives you a fantastic feature to tailor the bass output separately to the levels that best suit your listening room. Besides, you get to discover a completely connected experience with a single remote controlling both your TV and the soundbar. The soundbar effortlessly works in sync with other TV remote controllers, so you instantly get to clear the mess of having different controllers on your coffee table. In case you lose your remote, it wouldn’t be a hassle for you to control the device still. 

Wireless functionality also extends to Bluetooth connection to your TV set. You are possibly avoiding the need to have a separate living room sound system. When you are looking to create your dream home entertainment system, the JBL Bar Studio should be your best alternative. Your room will remain neat and tidy with the wireless sound straight from your TV. You can also have a relaxed moment after having a tiresome day at work with connecting your playlist from your smartphone or tablet, not to mention creating a pleasant party atmosphere when you feel like. The connection is moreover easy compared to the time you take to put your phone in your pocket.


The JBL Bar Studio is easy to install, and being a compact wireless all in one soundbar, you will be able to do away with so much wiring, except for the HDMI. It is an out-of-the-box plug and plays, although it does not come with the HDMI cable. You will need to get it separately, which is an extra cost. You will then need to connect it directly to your TV set and see the multiple interfaces for video sources on the screen. Connecting its Bluetooth is also simple, you need to control its source by turning it on and pairing it with the device of your choice, and within seconds, it is connected.


Audio performance

The voice reproduction and sound quality of the JBL Bar Studio are well rounded, clear, and beautifully crisp in the mids and highs. For such a small soundbar, you will be amazed to hear its organized tight, punchy bass, especially when watching action movies. A single soundbar produces so much sound. While it isn’t as impressive as the bigger premium sound bars, being a small compact unit remains to stand out. 

Yes, having no subwoofer to supplement its sound production is not a significant drag. The studio has good cohesion and balance with its bass and mids. The dialogues are presented and articulated perfectly. It is easy to hear the different accents and inflections of casts to earthquake rumbles.

The sound bar’s standard EQ is pretty impressive, and with a genuine dynamic impact on its output, it can project dialogue pretty well. At high volumes, a raspy edge of some treble details is exhibited, even though it has a good separation in the orchestral score of films.

Surround Sound

Amongst other soundbars of its stature, it shines more with its simulated surround sound mode. The volume is absolutely more than enough for anyone, as its polar response can fill any mid-sized room. 

The JBL Bar Studio expands its soundstage noticeably with its bleepy sound effect. It is able to skillfully kick every low frequency sounds like soundtracks and background moments from a movie or TV series into life. Its usual high standards of technology that replicates the 5.1 system to avoid the production of a phasey echo mess in your programs. 

Why buy JBL Bar Studio?

Do you need a soundbar to bang your neighbors’ walls with high volumes of noise? Then the JBL Bar Studio is not the exceptional choice for you. It is preferably best chosen when you feel the need to upgrade your TV or Computer speakers for spreading a great surround sound. You might as well buy it for your kids’ room, especially if they fancy home entertainment. At less than 200$, you are able to enjoy a wealth of sound content. 

Again, if you have a bigger house, the JBL Bar Studio sounds won’t be the perfect fit for you. However, its package, in terms of price and performance, at about 180$, you will be getting a high quality sound setup system.


What cords come with the system?

Optical, power and in-line. If you need an ARC/HDMI you’ll have to buy them.

Does the soundbar have a warranty?

Yes, check their return policy before you purchase or return a product to understand their terms and conditions.


This JBL brand has been praised for its ease to connect, small design, and excellent sound production. Secondly, you don’t need both remotes to have a fully functioning soundbar; your TV remote will always do the trick. Suppose you’re not a cinema addict, this brand should work for you too. The simulated surround sound mode is what has made it the best alternative to every admirer. Most users recommended this soundbar. 


The JBL Bar Sound does a perfect job of improving the sound quality for the TV speakers in your room. 

Your ultimate home entertainment becomes more enjoyable, not to mention its good depth and quality with film dialogue at a reasonable price. Its different sound modes give it a nod in getting satisfactorily loud output with outstanding bass. It works best if your expectation for a reference theatre sound quality is low. An incredible soundbar for the money!

With a four-star recommendation, the JBL Bar Studio is worth spending for. Its great sound performance has overcome the limitations posed by its size. Don’t be late to indulge your sound listening experience into so much excitement and fun. Order NOW and see how good your home entertainment will sound!!! It will always be too exciting at a little cost.

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