Creative Ziisound D5 is a speaker system that will connect to any A2DP Bluetooth device, eliminating the need of any cable in your home while bringing high quality sound for those who want to take it with them on vacation.

The design of this unit is simple: it is just a square block that measures 17 inches in width and 4 inches in height and depth. The system is covered in a black mesh, but you will notice a small glossy strip across the center of the unit and that the edges are covered in metal. The center strip contains touch sensitive sensors which are used for changing the volume.

Setting up the Creative Ziisound D5
Setting up the Creative Ziisound D5 is straightforward: you just have to place it wherever you want and connecting to your device via Bluetooth. The total weight of the system is 3.8 kg, which means that you can place it on even the most fragile shelves or take it with you during the holydays. The unit has an AUX input, an AC input and a bass port. The power button is also located on the rear side of the unit.

Once you connect your Bluetooth device with the sound unit, you will be good to go. You can use your iPod as a remote control and you don’t have to come close to the main unit if you don’t want to. The maximum distance of transmission is about 10 meters, which is more than enough for most households.

Sound Quality
If you look past the fabric mash, you will notice two 2.75-inch drivers. This doesn’t seem enough to fill a room, but it actually is. You shouldn’t have any problems with the sound quality offered by this system if you have a small or medium room and it will even be enough for large rooms if you are not particularly picky. The only sound problems appear when you turn the volume up to maximum; in this case, you might notice some sound quality deterioration.

Some people are worried about quality loss over Bluetooth, but this isn’t a problem in this case. The people from Creative decided to use a third party codec named apt-X which will take care of the compression.

Pros and Cons
If you take a short look at the Creative Ziisound D5, you won’t have high expectations. However, once you turn it on the powerful sound it can emit will certainly surprise you. It can fill a room without too much effort and the wireless connection won’t cause any problems. In addition, the design is quite attractive and the system is easy to use. If you are comfortable with the price tag, there is no reason not to purchase this system.

All in all, the Creative Ziisound D5 is a great sound system if you are looking for a product that can connect to your iPod or iPhone via Bluetooth. If you are just looking for a sound system, you might want to find something cheaper or a unit that comes at a similar price but offers more options.

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  1. Mark Lester

    I was looking for a speaker to use with my Ipad, which has in built Bluetooth. This is just amazing! Great sounds, great quality! Only one thing slacking – this speaker doesn’t have a remote control. This means that you can’t adjust the volume from the Ipad nor the speaker itself. It’s a bit troublesome because you have to mess with the speaker’s system to change the volume. Besides that, it’s such a bother to have to do things like manually refresh the Ipad…relink the speaker to the iPad, mess with the settings… another thing…what a shame….there’s no sleep mode when its turned off…. But overall, the speaker is great because it is it works well as a wireless gadget.

  2. lemuel67hank

    Before I bought this speaker, I had heard complaints that there were distortion problems with the speaker when using Bluetooth, but to my pleasant surprise, the sound was good even with Bluetooth transmission. Actually, the main reason I purchased this speaker was to use to with my iPhone – to listen to high quality music without wires. I’m very happy with the sound quality and it’s up to my expectations. However, you need to know how to handle switching between various iPhones ( the buttons to press, either connect or reset) because it takes time for the music to begin. But overall, for a speaker to go with an iPhone, works great!

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