If you always care about the quality of the sound in your home entertainment, then cranking your music up with the Sony HT-ST5000 can come in handy. Sony HT-ST5000 users can boast about its engineering heritage that has enhanced good stereo soundstage. 

Besides, the soundbar provides the best sound experience with its rich Dolby Atmos content utilizing the right codecs (DTS:X). 

The ultra-modern product technology projects enhance fantastic sound quality and decent flexibility, and therefore you do not need to have rear speakers for the full surround sound. 

The alternative option to rear speakers housed within this soundbar again is the front-firing speakers which have the DSP virtual surround effects and give it a proper balance to feel the thumb and rumble fulfilling the room. 

Additionally, the device is inclusive of the 4K HDR compatibility and dual-band Wi-Fi music, making it convenient to stream in lossless audio zones. You can as well wirelessly connect your TV via the Wi-Fi, and this does away with the bulk of using so much cable. 

Besides, it has the built-in Chromecast functionality and the High-Res Audio support that makes it a worthy competitor with digital amplification most necessary for music lovers. The audio experience is impressive, making everything sound better than using the TV sound alone. 

Swim into an incredibly authentic entertainment experience without distortion because of its exceptional power, especially the sound quality, which has been enhanced by digital technology. The Sony HT-ST5000 sound bar’s price is a bit high; however, rest assured to obtain the value for your money.

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Design and set-up

We are not expecting any debates concerning how fabulous Sony HT-ST500 is when it comes to its build quality. This bar is one hell of a fabric grille, looking better uncovered characterized by the drivers that look amazing. 

The right and left are two matching coaxial speakers rimmed in gold, high-frequency tweeters, and a coaxial driver that comes with mid-range cones to handle the center channel. However small the difference is, if you translate to a minor timbre mismatch, it’s not really apparent for multi-channel mixes in your music listening. 

The sleek Sony HT-ST5000 is pretty enough investment fit for 55-inch TVs or larger ones. Besides, the size of these soundbars creates a suitable room for nine drivers, woofer combination speakers, three tweeters, and two upward-facing units to enhance the height element in your soundtrack. 


As we know, performance is a wanting feature that never comes so easy. Sony HT-ST5000 has hit the world with crisp, clear, and resonant musical appreciation that fills the room regardless of what you will be watching. 

A specified output of 800W guarantees of its prowess in hitting the nodes hard, especially when the gutty roars or the Ward Boys rev their engines, everything including your belly, will vibrate. 

The aspect of sound does not just revolve around movie scenes; musical refinement is a special consideration for the ones who understand clarity. However, do not expect the soundbar to create an encompassing audio canopy from the barrage of drivers. 

The vocal performance can be productive and grounded, which is a representation of an almost three-dimensional presentation, which is how naturalistic the soundbar can transform the mood.

If you try to merge the Sony HT-ST5000 and AV receiver with a 5.1.2 configuration speaker, then this sony will maintain its lead forever. However, it will depend on the room and the seating distance from the bar. The bass response is one crucial aspect of the two-piece design sounding properly seismic. 

Connection types

Sony HT-ST5000 is a functional model, offering a full AV receiver versatility you will never regret buying. It comes with four HDMIs, one ARC output with three inputs. 

Furthermore, all these ports are HDCP 2.2, which are active, supporting 4K sources like UHD player, Amazon Fire 4K. However, you will need to get your device/app configured before being paired. You simply select Enhanced over Standard to provide support for the 4K 60p or 4:4:4 video settings. 

If you wish for additional connection, there is a covered USB port that allows handy local file playback. Equally important, there is an optical digital audio input together with minijack on the Sony HT-ST5000 that transforms your music listening experience. 

Also, there is an Ethernet LAN port that allows wired networking; however, the Bluetooth and its Wi-Fi comes in handy with NFC pairing. 

Once you make your selection, there is a bright display screen that will reflect your choice and the volume level. Moreover, there are on-body controls for those who find carrying the remote a hell of an exercise. 

It is relatively easy to navigate the drive, thanks to the interface located on the Sony HT-ST5000 that lists all its input options and if any home network devices have been initialized. If you compare this design to LFE boomboxes, then Sony HT-ST5000 looks so much better while it sits on a stylized plinth. As the sub connects with the bar, an LED confirming an active link is observed. This connection happens automatically during setup. 

Exposed tweeters

Most soundbars almost have a similar outlook; however, the Sony design has its tweeters that elevates the speaker. The 46.5 inches wide bar looks best with TVs ranging between 46 to 50 inches. It’s somewhat tall, at 3.25 inches, and comes with an IR repeater just in case the remote sensor is blocked. 

Key Features

  • 9.8-inch-wide and 15.9-inch-tall Subwoofer inclusive
  • 7.13-inch wireless speaker with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled
  • 46.5-inch-wide 3.25 inches tall soundbar
  • Comes with a remote controller (2x AAA Batteries included)
  • It has Five 2.6-inch drivers
  • Comes with a user manual and mounting templates
  • The design comes with HDMI cable and four HDMI ports (one output and three inputs)


  • Provides 7.1.2 audio channels with Hi-Res Audio compatibility
  • Contains Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
  • Have 3 HDMI ports to connect with different devices
  • Its audio clarity and presentation is excellent


  • Do not have rear speakers 
  • It distorts and compresses high pitch sound
  • It’s very expensive

Why is Sony HT-ST5000 your ideal choice?

Sitting at the upper end of the scale amongst other soundbars, the slim Sony HT-ST5000 makes everything you’d love to hear to sound better. Sony took its vast range of customers’ tastes and preferences concerning soundbars into consideration and came up with a device to cover different sound needs and unique experiences for its customers, including you.

Apparently, its 3-dimensional DTS:X audio system technology has improved, and it has corded the sound quality on all your entertainment programs, from movies, gaming, and sports, music as well as your favorite TV shows. If you have immense love for music, you would wish to elevate your sound experience. Sony HT-ST5000 will serve you. 

Furthermore, the Dolby Atmos surround sound gives you an amazing audio feeling thanks to its virtual support for all audio formats. Its technology ensures sound projection is even filling your room, enhancing your music listening experience. With its thumb and rumble, especially for those who love action movies, you can capture every detail of dialogue to the rumbling of the car engines. 

You would never wish to visit the theatre again as you can get this high-end soundbar at your walk of the day with the cinematic experience. 

It might not be the best choice for people who love listening to higher volumes, though, but the experience that carries with it is remarkable. It comes with a number of input options and provides a powerful hub for different multimedia device connections to enjoy.

My other alternatives

If you are ready to break the bank for a premium soundbar that might fulfill your desired preferences, then the suitable option is the Samsung HW-Q90R. Unlike the Sony HT-ST5000, Samsung got a more neutral frequency response that gives it the capability of going even much louder. 

If you are a loud banger, the Samsung HW-Q90R can also become your ideal choice thanks to its less compression and less distortion at maximum volume. It also comes with rear surround speakers that provide a better superior surround sound experience. 

Consequently, though, with only a subwoofer and a soundbar, the Sony HT-ST5000 can provide 7.1.2 audio channels, and its performance is satisfactory. Both are very worthy investments for your living room. 

Final thoughts

Sony HT-ST5000 is for anyone who seeks improvement to their home theatre. This soundbar delivers fantastic sound and its ability to support Dolby Atmos; you can upgrade to a premium experience compared to the later-released mid-range Atmos. 

You can use this soundbar for mixed usage. It does so fine with music; however, it kind of compresses at higher volumes, which makes the sound lack some essential details. For movies or TV programs addicted fellows, Sony HT-ST5000 can deliver thump and rumble, which give you satisfaction. 

Amplify the feel of your favorite movie, like you’re part of the action. 

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