The Sonos Playbar is a beautiful package that delivers quality sound to your living room. It is a single box solution, so you won’t need to accommodate a hunk of speakers to support its sound production. It comes with an array of intuitive features that enables it to stand out. 

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It delivers decent audio that works perfectly for music and dialogue content. Its firing speakers have seconded its impressive bass. They bang and tumble. These firing speakers play a significant role in ensuring you get a more immersive listening experience from a more widened soundstage. It does a pretty convincing job with producing Surround sound and loud volume. 

The playbar offers modern wireless technology like streaming music from any source. It has also gained an enormous mass appeal with its simple setup process. You will realise that the soundbar has a slot in the centre of the new world soundbars.

Sonos playbar is modified to simplify sound production and give its users access to all digital music platforms with a wide choice of streaming audio content. It remains a soundbar full of innovation with enough reason to plumb for it over traditional sound systems. It delivers in abundance; the sound quality, functionality and other features that offer value for your money. 



11.9 lbs

Dimensions 35.5 x 5.6 x 3.4 in
PowerCP CPU 800 Mhz
Rating 4.3 over 5
Optical Cable Yes



  • Simple to set up
  • Amazing features
  • A single package



  • It’s expensive 
  • Do not support Bluetooth



The playbar features a conventional rectangular plan with an IR receiver that’s responsible for its multi-positional nature.  At the right-hand side, you will find its volume and mute control buttons through which you can manually make your suitable adjustments and also the LED display that plays a significant role in shaping the selections and inputs visible in the dark.

When laid flat, it stands 5.51inches deep, 3.35 inches tall and 35.43 inches wide; this arrangement allows it to easily fit between the stands of any TV set above 42 inches wide. It has a built-in gyroscope that enables you to accurately position it on top of any furniture or a TV stand. You can also mount the Playbar vertically across the wall, below your TV set or directly above the TV set. It is important to note that the positions recommended are the most preferred positions, especially when you wish to achieve a thin posture. 

The soundbar has in-built sensor receiving commands through a mechanism that enables it to adjust its sonics to deliver the best sound quality. A great tonal balance and bass reinforcement can be achieved in the same manner. 

The bar houses an accelerometer and PowerPC CPU of 800Mhz, which are responsible for moderating the EQ deservedly to ensure perfect imaging. It’s all grilled on the front, hiding nine drivers, each with an amplifier on its back. The six of the drivers are Mid-Bass while the rest are high-frequency drivers. The amplifiers in the drivers are equipped with the Digital Signal Processing (DSP)  control which is responsible for the excellent soundstage. 


The Sonos Playbar’s connectivity offers a little more than you might find elsewhere, but it’ll be most precise when it comes to wireless connectivity. You can use the Sonos App to access various entertainment content streaming. Even though this Playbar does not come with a remote controller, you can easily configure the soundbar to receive signals from your pre-existing TV remote. 

Once you set up the soundbar, the Sonos App will take you through all the steps required to set your TV remote as the controller. The final setting up stage is Trueplay software technology. Sonos Soundbar uses this mechanism to tune itself with the surrounding. 

Basically, the Sonos app is the link to your navigating through all Sonos products in the soundbar. It comes with amazing features like “auto-play”. The soundbar is able to automatically switch to TV sound whenever your TV turns on. This means you will automatically get TV audio whenever your TV is on. But, you can change the settings if need be. 

At the backside of the soundbar, you are provided with an optical audio input, power socket, and two ethernet jacks for easy connections with other peripherals. Using an optical cable, you can connect your TV and run audio content directly to the soundbar. The ethernet jack allows you to use the Sonos playbar as your living room’s ethernet switch. Although it does not support Bluetooth, it still allows you to send high fidelity audio through a Wi-Fi connection.

Sound engineering

The soundbars also pride its home theatre performance with two unique features, which are the night sound and the Speech enhancement. The speech enhancement is a welcome addition to TV watching thanks to the clearer and richer sound. 

The “Night Sound” is useful for the night movie addicts. Let your fun not disturb family peace in the middle of the night. How is this achieved? Well, this mode reduces the dynamic audio range for crashes and bangs without having to lower the overall volume of the device. You can also set the “lip sync” to an audio delay mode whenever you need it. 

The playbar balances off the treble and bass at the same level delivering excellent sound. This soundbar can get pretty loud at maximum level, hence creating a wide and decent soundstage.

You can turn the soundbar into a 5.1 Dolby Digital system at will. This is easy to achieve by connecting Sonos Sub and two Sonos One, Sonos One SL, Play:1, Play:3 or Play:5 speakers. Now expect it to produce excellent sound experience with a satisfactory wide soundstage. It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to RNB, Blues, or Hard rock; the entire experience will be absolutely amazing. The additional speakers add more boom and heaps that complement the soundbar’s main speaker. 

Dialogue clarity

The Sonos playbar offers clear dialogues drifting emotions as portrayed in a track. Everything you are streaming will seem real thanks to its audio clarity. You are able to capture every word in dialogue tracks, and this environment enhances your viewing.

The soundbar seems to have planned and organised dialogues, all thanks to the “Speech Enhancement” mode. It is very resourceful in the event dialogue tracks get drowned by the rest of the sound. The frequency range of the human voice in this mode gets boosted to enhance your listening experience. 

Surround sound

Without any speakers surrounding it, the playbar is able to pull off incredible fields of simulated surround sound in any living room; thanks to the nine drivers. These drivers aid in delivering a well-rounded surround sound with no distortion at maximum output. The soundbar also hits its full potential to produce special effects; for instance, flying jets in action movies.

You can turn the soundbar into a 5.1 channel home theatre system by connecting it with rear speakers: Sonos sub and the two Play: 3 speakers. This will channel the mood into a whole new experience. 


These are some of the eye-opener questions that people frequently ask online.

Does using Alexa make the sound better than using the optical input?

Well, it has not been asked so much, but there shouldn’t be any difference between the two connection types. However, the sound ability offered by different devices may play a role in the case of any occurrence. 

Is there any delay in a lip sync for the people on the screen?

A number of people have noticed a slight delay in lip-syncing, but this environment is mostly temporary. It could take less than a minute before the sound comes inline with the TV, so it’s nothing to worry about. 


Sonos Playbar has been praised by many users for its ability to integrate with Alexa; it delivers the best surround sound at its price. However, some have recommended additional other Sonos products like the sub and two play:3 speakers to expand a true wireless 5.1 system. Once you get the taste, its feeling is insatiable. 


The playbar offers a complete package of the Sonos systems. It remains a perfect choice, especially when you wish to create an improved home cinema system without fuss. It is relatively high priced, but a bar is a brilliant unit delivering high definition sound taking your home entertainment experience to Millenium. It is easy to set up and works great, both the all-in-one soundbar and as a TV speaker. With the Sonos Playbar, you are able to conquer your sound experience to a whole new level. 

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