The HW-N950 is superb-sounding, hassle-free soundbars that deliver a truly cinematic experience with a high-fidelity audio system for your home entertainment. 

Being an actual 7.1.4 channel soundbar, it supports not only Dolby Atmos but also DTS: X, a feature classifying it as a panoramic echo wall unit. It is easy to install, and its brushed metal texture makes it look beautiful and atmospheric to suit your optical taste. 

The sound quality is exceptional and accurate, unlike other soundbars that suffer from distortion at loud volume. Its 17 drivers, all well distributed through the unit, sets the bar high for what a soundbar can do. 

The soundbar produces a broader and fuller sound field, and with the help of wireless rear speakers, the virtual surround sound becomes more immersive. All your living room will be filled with a well-rounded sound, and your entertainment experience feels so real. 

It is amazing how the soundbar can easily connect  Blu-ray players, streaming media players, TVs, and game consoles. Through the panoramic sound and DTS:X test discs. If you want to experience the infinite charm of movies or music at your convenience, the N950 is the most powerful all-around echo wall audio product in the market. 

With a tighter sense of quality, detailed sound, and enhanced immersion spread across a wide sound field, the HW-N950 delivers an excellent mix of treble, midrange, and bass. Your viewing experience, therefore, becomes more improved in the making. 

Samsung HW-N950


Weight 62.06 lbs
Dimension 3.26 x 5.35 x 48.26 
Rating 3.6 out of 5 stars
Input and Output HDMI 4K/60P, HDMI (ARC), Audio input cable included.
Power 512W
Connectivity- Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB
Dolby® Digital and DTS® decoding Yes



  • The setup is easy
  • Supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
  • It produces superb performance.



  • It’s expensive
  • The build is big and quite heavy



The N950 is the true definition of an acquired taste. What you get in the over 60 pounds package, is a well-made rectangular soundbar, a sub and a pair of firing speakers. All are constructed from black plastic and wrapped around a grille. 

At 3.26 x 5.35 x 48.26 inches, the soundbar looks long when matched with TV’s smaller than 55 Inches. The monster design makes it best positioned while mounted on the wall. Fortunately, it comes with its mounting wall brackets. 

For the soundbar, the grille covers 13 inbuilt speakers into which exist two up-firing drivers and side-firing drivers. The drivers are well-aimed to create a heightened three-dimensional soundstage. 

When you look at its top, you will see controls for power, volume, and input selection, which are touch-sensitive.  At its front, the unit has a small LED display used for showing selected inputs. While you are navigating through the bar, it’s through the LED light that you are able to see the navigation process. 

Even though it comes with controls within the gadget, you are also provided with a remote control system. The remote is armed with all the necessary inputs you might need to control the soundbar with. Generally, the soundbar offers timeless elegance that you will love to its look.


The invested audio performance for this brand is paying off. If you are not aware of Harman Kardon, then the N950’s drivers can keep you posted. HW-N950 is the best sounding bar manufactured by Samsung. 

Place the bar under your TV and locate the subwoofer on the front-facing side of the room, but let it not be in a corner. Take the rear speakers on the background of the main listening position. Make sure your ceiling is low, flat, and reflective if you want the upward-firing speakers to generate the best results. 

Setting the levels of the speakers can easily be achieved by using a Sound Pressure level meter. Alternatively, there are plenty of SPL apps on your smart device that utilizes the in-built microphone to get it done in minutes. It is important to note that the rear speakers should be equidistant from the subwoofer. This has been characterized by the simultaneous adjustment of the level control. 

Select a source, and choose an appropriate sound mode, adjust the wirelessness level of the sub, and set the volume. Use the remote to maneuver through its settings, choosing your preference. Another good side is the amazon Alexa that is enabled by this brand.  


If you carefully set up,  HW-N950 will pay serious sonic dividends that will guarantee superb performance. This will also usher a wide and open-front soundstage and impressive tonal balance thanks to its speaker drivers that never disappoint. 

This is a perfect competition to an AV receiver and speaker package. However, the effectiveness of the upward-firing drivers depends entirely on your ceiling. The lower your ceiling is, the better performance emanating from the overhead of the sense of sounds. 

HW-N950 is an impressive soundbar with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X tracks steering around the room, delivering a seamless fashion, thunder rolled overhead. The solid bass underpins the sound field and is perfectly integrated with other speakers. 

The sound popping when you hear a rumbling engine, the precision to the effects giving the sound dimension and depth, help create an epic scope and soundstage. You have a choice; whether to listen to the original form or use its surround sound expansion mode that takes advantage of all available speakers. 

This soundbar upmixes non-object-based audio, taking advantage of its additional speakers to create a soundstage. 


Alexa voice control is a new feature in soundbar technology, it simplifies setting up the app to enable voice control. First thing, you need to activate the Samsung wireless audio under the smart button, selecting your preferred device. This will, in turn, enable 3PDA, allowing your interaction with the soundbar via Alexa. 

HW-N950 also comes with in-built Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which will transform your music streaming easy and straightforward. You can easily connect your device by pressing a pairing button located on the soundbar’s remote. For the case of Wi-Fi, the connection has to be initialized by Samsung’s SmartThings app. 

Under the soundbar, there are two HDMI inputs with one output. The inputs support ARC while the HDMI ports 4K Ultra HD/60p. HW-N950 also carries a USB port that services updates and the optical digital input that can be used similar to the HDMI.  

Look at its Value and not just its Cost

Samsung HW-N950 cannot be cheap; drawing all its intuitive features, you cannot compare it with many other soundbars. It is talented in delivering immersive audio, which is unbeatable. To replicate its capabilities, you will need to purchase an AV receiver with a full speaker package. It would be too expensive to match the quality of this Samsung design. 



Is HW-N950 better quality than HW-Q90R?

Well, it is not easy to tell which one is better than another, having in mind they are all 7.1.4 sound systems. But, HW-N950 appears to be a bit cheaper and also delivers immersive sound with impressive clarity. 

How will mounting the rear speakers affect the quality of the sound?

It has not been declared the consequences of mounting the rear speakers yet, but they need to power their built-in amplification. The good side is, they are wireless; hence the physical connection to the soundbar isn’t necessary. It is recommended to use a Sound Pressure level meter or app to level your speakers. 



Approved by various users as a real home theatre system, the soundbar undoubtedly excels in delivering quality sound. Its simple setup has been lauded by many. The wireless connection through the rear speakers is also a selling point.

Although the need to add a front-firing speaker has been called for, many people have shown their admiration in producing a 360 degree sound bubble. Even though its price has been put on the spot by some people, Samsung HW-N950 is worth your money. 


Why Samsung HW-N950?

Samsung HW-N950 is not cheap, and something to boast about is the 7.1.4 system. Its cinematic range will offer genuine immersion audio to usher state-of-the-art sound into a theatre-like sound. 

This product was developed in partnership with Harman Kardon. It is an ultimate upgrade of Samsung HW-K950 that was renowned for being the first Samsung Soundbar that was Dolby Atmos-enabled. 

During its time, back in 2016, Samsung HW-K950 could take a massive leap beyond the previous brands. But now that Samsung HW-N950 is here with us expect no psychoacoustic processing, nor resorting to acoustic beams. 

This design supports wide color Gamut plus the high dynamic range, which includes Dolby Vision and HDR10. It has a range of supports, starting from the immersive audio formats to additional width drivers. This environment improves wireless rear speakers’ stability. 


Final Thought

Samsung HW-N950 has no rival that can take him out any soon in the market. Its ability to deliver a 7.1.3-channel immersive audio experience has made it the winning deal breaker. To simplify setting it up, the rear speakers were made wireless. Sound will be delivered without restarting to psychoacoustic trickery.

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