The Mythos SSA-42 is a five-channel soundbar that looks perfectly under any 42-inch flat screen TV. This unit has a little bit of everything: you will notice surround sound thanks to the unique Spatial Array technology, you can connect a subwoofer and you can place it in large rooms without diminishing the sound quality. This unit doesn’t rely on bouncing sound off the walls, which is definitely a plus.

The system comes in two colors: gloss black and aluminum. You can place it on the wall thanks to the bracket that is included in the package or you can simply put it on a shelf and it will still look great. The Mythos SSA-42 is very well built and it will always give you the impression that dropping it on a concrete floor won’t leave a mark. This impression may have something to do with the aircraft grade extruded aluminum enclosure.

Setting up the Mythos SSA-42
Before you decide to order this unit, make sure that it has enough room on your wall or shelf. It is 40 inches wide and 4 and a quarter inches deep and high. This means that you can simply place it on any flat surface and it has no chance of falling off. The unit is 20 pounds heavy, which makes it small enough for any shelf. Keep in mind that you will have to connect the SSA-42 to an amplifier which can offer anywhere between 20 and 175 watts of power.

Setting up the system might be difficult for a beginner, but this problem can be solved by reading the instruction manual of the soundbar. You will have to buy an amplifier for this system to work and getting a subwoofer is optional, but recommended. Connecting these three pieces of equipment together can be tricky.


Sound quality
Buying all that extra equipment might be a drag, but luckily, the Mythos SSA-42 redeems itself once you turn it on. The audio tones are clear and powerful and they will satisfy the needs of even the strictest listener. The Balanced Dual Surround System technology will keep the frequency response in check and it will also lower the sound distortion. Many soundbar manufacturers avoid using tweeters because they tend to interfere with other sound waves, but the Mythos SSA-42 uses a design that keeps the tones on the right wavelength.

If you don’t plan on buying a subwoofer, you will still enjoy using the Mythos SSA-42, especially if you place it in a small room. The sound will always be vivid and you will enjoy surround like effects when watching movies. If you have a medium or large room, adding a subwoofer is highly recommended. A simple woofer can really improve the performance of this soundbar not only for movies, but also for listening to music or simply watching TV.


Pros and Cons
The price tag can be considered a bargain in the case of the Mythos SSA-42. It will enhance your movie viewing experience dramatically and the system will work great with any amplifier or subwoofer. The surround sound capabilities of this unit are exceptional and the overall audio quality is top notch. Plus, you will get a 5 year warranty and a wall mounting bracket.

Unfortunately, a separate amplifier and subwoofer is an extra cost that could have been avoided.

The Mythos SSA-42 is one of the better soundbars if you take a look at the overall sound quality and surround capabilities. Those who are willing to spend extra on an amplifier and subwoofer won’t be disappointed by this unit no matter the size of the room they place it in.

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  1. Anonymous123

    After getting our Mythos sound bar, we were very excited to add some ‘oomph’ to the sound. We paired it with a ‘Dynamo’. You have to hear for yourself, the chemistry of sounds between the Martin Logan sub-woofer and the Mythos Sound Bar. It’s simply amazing! Watching movies will definitely never be the same old experience again! You can expect hours of entertainment with this pair. Truly satisfying!

  2. Anonymous

    Just to share my experience, I placed an order for the Mythos Surround Array 442 Speaker sometime in the year end of 2009. I was promised that it would reach me in 3 weeks, and the price was about $800. Frustrating, because Best Buy was unable to deliver on the date, and the worst part was they couldn’t even give another date when the product could be sent to me. Finally, I decided to cancel the order and considered other options. Luckily, I got a very good deal at, and it cost almost half the price. The best part, it arrived in 2 days! Now, I am proud to enjoy the sounds of my 442 speaker.

  3. Regina Ritz

    I would surely vote for the Definitive Technology Mythos SSA-42 as my favourite sound bar, up to now. After having a taste of a couple of products such as ZVOX, Yamaha & Polk, I must say that the SSA-42 has given me the most satisfaction, as in precise and clear sound, and produces a totally enjoyable sound field. Another good point to note is that the sound projected are crisp despite low volume levels. You will need to get a subwoofer for this sound bar, a common requirement for this kind of products. If you’re looking for a sound bar that lives up to what it claims about itself, then I’m sure, like me, you will find the SSA-42 true to its promise.

  4. anonymous

    I am very surprised at how the DT has solved my problem to install a surround sound system in my family room. I had my reservations about this sound bar because of the space limitation in my room. My bookshelf could only accommodate a 42 inch sound bar, instead of the usual 50 inches. I love my DT! It works superbly when I put the volumes up high, and I can hear the voices in the movies very clearly. In the past, the main problem I had with speakers was that it was difficult to make out what the people were saying in the movie, but now that problem is gone! Ohh…I must also mention that I’ve added a Denon 3803ci receiver to my speaker, and that only adds to the sound quality. I must say, the DT is certainly value for money, and is reputable in this field. So I’d suggest, go for it!

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