The Atlantic Technology FS-5000 soundbar is the kind of system which can handle any challenge thanks to its massive subwoofers and small, but very capable drivers. Everything is packed into a single soundbar and the lack of an external subwoofer will prove to be a great space saver. This unit is ideal for those who want a powerful audio system in their large living room. If you are looking for a soundbar that can immerse you in sound without having to crack up the volume too high, you should take a closer look at the FS-5000.

The Atlantic Technology FS-5000 measures 50 inches in width, 6 9/16 inches in height and 5 and a half inches in depth, for a total weight of 35 pounds. If your wall is strong enough, you can mount the system directly under your flat screen TV thanks to the included wall mounted brackets. If not, you can easily place the soundbar on a shelf. Luckily, the subwoofer is incorporated in the soundbar itself so you won’t have to worry about finding room for a second unit. Underneath the elegant, black grille you will find six 4 and a half inch subwoofers and three 1 inch tweeters. These drivers are divided into three parts: the left, center and right chamber. The soundbar comes with a simple design, but this particular model can pull it off. It looks fairly solid and the finishing touches won’t disappoint you.

Setting up the Atlantic Technology FS-5000
Due to its size, this sound unit will fit perfectly under large and very large flat screen TV sets. If your LCD or Plasma screen is at least 50 inches in width, your audio setup will fit in perfectly. The soundbar can be easily mounted on the wall, but you can also place it on a cabinet if you want to. After that, you just have to make the connection between your TV and the FS-5000. If you can choose between multiple rooms, you should certainly mount the system in the largest one: the FS-5000 can deliver powerful sound even without an external subwoofer.


Sound quality
Soundbars are known for offering a unique experience and the FS-5000 is no exception. Every note that will come out of this unit will be perfectly clear and the system will live up to and exceed your expectations. Further more, it won’t hold back on delivering strong notes when it has to. If you are planning on watching a lot of movies the action scenes will seem to be closer than ever, but the dialogue won’t disappoint you either.

The FS-5000 will perform to its fullest even from the first time you plug it in, but you can use the equalizer controls for a few minor tweaks. The buttons are placed on the back of the unit, but they are easy to use and they can really improve the sound capabilities of the system.

Pros and Cons
The Atlantic Technology FS-5000 might just be the perfect soundbar: it looks amazing, it is reliable, the drivers are the most powerful ones you will find in such a system and the price is not bad either. If this wasn’t enough, the unit will work perfectly in every situation. With most soundbars of this kind, you will need to buy an extra subwoofer, but this isn’t the case here. The system has enough power and it won’t let you down even if you decide to place it in a very large room.

The only problem that the FS-5000 has is its size. If you have a small flat screen TV, the soundbar might look a little out of place once you install it underneath it. If this isn’t a problem for you, there is nothing bad that can be said about this unit.

If what you’re looking for is a powerful soundbar that comes at a reasonable price, the Atlantic Technology FS-5000 might be your best choice. It is a versatile system and it won’t let you down no matter what you’re trying to listen to and in what circumstances. At the moment, this is one of the best soundbars around if not the best one.

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