If you have a laptop, you probably hate the fact that you can’t use it as a portable movie theater or you would as least like to get some extra power out of those speakers. If this is the case, you should thank Philips for developing the Notebook SoundBar SPA5210B/27. This speaker will improve your sound experience considerably and you won’t regret adding it to your vacation bag.



The SoundBar SPA5210B/27 measures 11 inches in width, one inch in depth and 2 inches in height, so you can easily add it on top of any laptop thanks to the discreet, but powerful clips. The system comes in a nice black finish, with a grey grille and a white stripe that goes around the actual speaker. Once you place it on top of your laptop, it will look different, but not in a bad way.


Sound Quality
Setting up the P400

You don’t need any tools for setting up this sound unit. You just have to open your laptop, use the clip on to place the unit on top of the screen, and adjust the strength of the screw directly with your hands. It won’t take you more than one or two minutes to set it up and make sure that everything is in order. The SoundBar SPA5210B/27 connects to the laptop through a USB cable and you don’t need a power source. This is probably the best thing about this speaker, considering the fact that you want to keep things as simple as possible. If you want to place the unit away from the laptop, you can do so thanks to the 20 inch long USB cable and the device will stand on its own on any flat horizontal surface. If you have any other USB device, you can connect the soundbar to it, but this is not exactly the standard input for phones. However, your laptop won’t have any problems supporting the 7.8 ounces sound device, so you should try placing it direct on top of it to see how that works.

The Philips Notebook SoundBar SPA5210B/27 is much better than the speakers of any laptop you might own. The sound is not only louder, but it is also clearer and more precise on any type of notes. Even if you put it up against other mini speakers for laptops, this system will come on top, especially if you think about devices from its price range. The only problem appears when you compare it with an actual set of speakers that are not built for traveling. This is when you realize that this soundbar can’t offer strong bass sounds and if you crank up the volume you will hear some discrepancies. If you are not extremely nit-picky, you won’t have any problems with this, but if you want high quality at all costs, you might want to find something more powerful and more expensive. In essence, this audio system is great compared to anything else that gets power straight from your USB port, but it is not so impressive if you unfairly put it against regular speakers.


The only disadvantage that should be mentioned is the lack of better bass sound. This will be noticeable in certain situation and it would have been nice to see stronger low tones for this portable speaker.Pros and Cons
The Philips Notebook SoundBar SPA5210B/27 is a very nice device and it will enhance the audio performance of your laptop considerably. It is very easy to install and it really makes a difference. The fact that you only have to connect one cable and you will be good to go is certainly a great advantage over other portable speakers.




In the end, the Philips Notebook SoundBar SPA5210B/27 will most likely exceed your expectations. Laptops are known for being quiet and this no longer has to be true if you choose to add this little device.


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