Philips SPA5210B/27 Notebook SoundBar

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If you have a laptop, you probably hate the fact that you can’t use it as a portable movie theater or you would as least like to get some extra power out of those speakers. If this is the case, you should thank Philips for developing the Notebook SoundBar SPA5210B/27. This speaker will improve your sound experience considerably and you won’t regret adding it to your vacation bag.



Philips HSB2351/F7 SoundBar DVD home theater

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Philips has developed another soundbar with a 32” flatscreen tv in mind, and the HSB2351/F7 system with 1080p HDMI comes with integrated speakers, amplifiers, a subwoofer, a built-in…

Philips SoundBar DVD home theatre HSB4383/12

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Philips adds another wireless device to its collection of high technology sounds equipments, and this time it is the Philips HSB4383/12 sound bar with wireless subwoofer.  It has…

Philips HTS6120/98 SoundBar DVD home theater

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Philips has another product wearing its Green Flagship image, and this time it is the Philips HTS6120/98 sound bar that employs Philips’ Ambisound technology that directs sounds to…

Philips HTS8141/98 SoundBar Home Theater

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The Philips HTS8141/98 won the award for Best of CES, an innovations award that recognises the best of consumer electronics products in the industry's hottest product categories. It…

Philips HTS8140 Soundbar with Ambisound

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The Philips HTS8140 sound bar is a complete system which will offer you a DVD player, an iPod dock, AM/FM radio and amazing surround sound from a single…