Philips HTS6120/98 SoundBar DVD home theater

Philips has another product wearing its Green Flagship image, and this time it is the Philips HTS6120/98 sound bar that employs Philips’ Ambisound technology that directs sounds to any corner of the room.

This product carries the same style and elegant design of Philips sound bar design, and matches perfectly to the latest flatscreen tv models in the market. The glossy black finish make it easy for this product design to blend in with the flatscreen panels that come in either black or silver.

The elegant glass sliding door that completes this design creates a classy outlook to the panel that decorates a modern-style living room with sophisticated electronic gadgets and equipments. Meanwhile, it carries an optional dock for iPod that users may wish to add into their purchase as an optional accessory.

The loudspeakers are integrated with the main unit. There are two 1” soft dome tweeters, six 2.5” full range woofers, and the subwoofer has one 6.5” long throw woofer. The main unit measures at 37.7” (W) x 6.4” (H) x 5.6” (D), while the subwoofer measures at 11.6” (W) x 17.3” (H) x 11.6” (D). The first weighs a mere 15.4lbs and the latter, 22lbs. Yet, this compact combination brings with it some of the finest qualities that Philips could offer.

Setting up the HTS6120/98
Users are pampered with a quick start guide and a user manual. Setting up is easy as instructions were clearly written with illustrations to show users exactly how to set up the system correctly.

The main unit has rear connections for HDMI output, component video output, composite video (CVBS) output, TV in (audio, cinch), Easy-Fit speaker connectors, Interconnect that links to the Subwoofer and AUX in. Meanwhile, the Subwoofer which is also referred to as Power Box has an FM antenna, coaxial digital input, AUX In (cinch, 2 pairs), an Interconnect linking to the main unit and an Optical digital input.

Users will also find their purchased equipped with a remote control, batteries for the remote, a CVBS video cable, FM antenna, an Interconnect cable to link the main unit to the subwoofer, power cord and s wall mounting bracket.


Philips HTS6120/98

Sound and Video Quality

Philips invests its technology heavily on the HTS6120/98. Its innovative FullSound technology that restores sonic details to compressed MP3 music, allows users to enjoy music without distortions. It combines with Philips’ expertise in music reproduction with Digital Signal Processor (DSP), a power of the latest generation. Rich details can be expected as a promised delivery of dialogs and fuller bass with more depth and impact.

The second technology invested within this system is the Ambisound technology. This technology produces the effect of surround sound with fewer speakers, however, users would not reap the benefits of a real 5.1 sound experience as it claims in the product brief.

Meanwhile, the DoubleBASS technology is something that gives this system an edge over most competitors of the same range. DoubleBASS helps deliver a deep bass tone, capturing low frequencies and recreates them in the audible range of the subwoofer. This may be something that users look for, and many disappointed users with previous experience of a lacking bass tone may find this an unparalleled quality.

Philips HTS6120/98 supports video playback with compression formats that includes various versions of DivX including DivX Ultra, MPEG1 and MPEG2. It accepts DVD-Video, DVD+R/+RW, Video CD/SVCD and CD-R/CD-RW. Some users may also delight knowing that it also supports PAL and NTSC video disc playback systems. It supports high definition 720p, 1080i and 1080p formats, and video up-scaling is available for anything lower.

Users may also find it convenient that it supports still photograph playbacks in JPEG format, via CD-R/RW, DVD+R/+RW, and even USB flash drive. To enhance it, Philips included picture enhancement functions where users may view the photos as a slideshow with music playback, rotate or zoom the pictures for more or lesser details.

Philips HTS6120/98

Pros and Cons
Connection and set up is easy for this system. With the quick start guide and a user manual, an average user may easily hook up the system to the flatscreen tv at home without much opportunities for mistakes.

There is also the convenience of having one system that delivers playback for both sound and video without much compromise on quality. Philips HTS6120/98 is sufficient for an average user, however users must remember to check with dealers for compatibility issues.


Philips does a good job by launching a range of sound bars to keep up with the trend for this stylish type of sound systems and the HTS6120/98 is one of them. This system is suitable for those who do not wish to clutter a room with multiple speakers, and still wish to have the booming bass for better experience.

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