There is nothing that makes an entertainment room more lively than a good soundbar system. But with a limited budget, this can seem impossible to accomplish. 

Better soundbars these days are more expensive and complicated. That doesn’t mean there is nothing for you.


With a nearly flawless performance in supplementing TV speakers, the JVC TH-W513B continues being a decent soundbar at a lower price. Having a gorgeous design, JVC TH-W513B remains to be the kind of a soundbar that should be matched with smaller TV sets. Its soundstage efforts easily outmatch the sonic abilities of TVs only. 


Advantages and Disadvantages of a JVC TH-W513B


  • Simple to set up
  • Easy to use
  • has a better sound
  • It is cheap


  • Poor Bass
  • The optical cable is not provided




Colour Black 
Dimensions  80 × 6.2 × 9.3 cm (W x H x D)
Weight  2.2 kg
Channels 2.0 Yes
Sound modes  Movie, Def, Sport and TV
AV inputs Digital Coaxial x 1
AV outputs Optical x 1
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Yes
Power output 100W

What’s in the box?

  • The soundbar unit comes with its adapter and main cable for connecting it from the power.
  • Wall mounting brackets that come with its mounting screws
  • Remote control handset with lithium CR2025 battery inside
  • A 3.5mm-to-3.5mm Stereo Audio cable 
  • Digital coaxial cable


The JVC TH-W513B is made of black plastic; this makes the soundbar satisfy your optical taste with its fantastic design. It’s a plug-and-play system at 80cm wide; you are able to place it underneath your TV set without having to hassle much shifting and inter-changing the furniture in your room for its positioning and space. Alternatively, you can as well choose to mount it on your wall.The good thing is, you don’t need to buy the mounting brackets as it comes with it. 

In addition, the LCD display enables you to clearly see the setting operations you have chosen without problems. Ranging from: the volume level you are setting, the modes to the inputs you are selecting. When the device is on standby mode, you can use it as a clock to showtime.

Audio sound performance

Unfortunately, the device has little to offer in terms of sound performance, but depending on the purpose to which it serves, it is a perfect choice. It features two 50W drivers behind its grille responsible for producing a better audio sound. 

The drivers together deliver a combination of 100W of audio power, which adds clarity and depth to your home entertainment. Although its bass performance is low, it’s better than TV speakers’ bass production.

The JVC TH-W513B also contains a pool of preset sound modes to choose from, namely; Movie, TV, Sport, and DEF. with its low frequency, the options improve your listening experience by selecting the best that suits what you are viewing. 

Once you set up the JVC TH-W513B for viewing and you select your sound mode to Movie, you will be amazed by its sound production considering its size. Sound is evenly spread all around your room, and speaking voices come out clearly. You might get disappointed though on how the DEF mode is flat. It remains preset that is less impressive amongst the rest.

The various modes provided make everything you are watching sound great, be it Tv shows, movies, documentary, and video games. Without forgetting, you should not have more significant bass expectations from the settings, though. You can easily distinguish its sound from the other home devices. The perfect bet to boost your Tv’s sound when tight on budget.



The connections supplied are entirely satisfactory, considering its size and purpose. Most importantly, it is the remote control through which you can swiftly operate on the device from your sitting position. You can adjust the speaker’s volume level and effects, switch inputs, adjust the bass and treble levels as well as select the amazing modes at your own will. The remote’s operating distance, though, varies with how bright your room is. 

To justify its position in the modern digital sound trends and amongst other soundbars, the JVC TH-W513B supports Bluetooth connectivity. Straight from your mobile phone, tablets, or laptop, you are able to stream music and audio content should you wish to. 

At its rear view, you are also supplied with an optical port, a coaxial input, and an underlying Aux connection socket. Through the optical port, you can connect compatible AV equipment and TV. It is a shame though that an optical digital cable is not supplied, so you will need to dig extra deep into your pocket to acquire it—the coaxial input you can use a coaxial cable to connect the equipment. 

External Audio devices can be connected with the JVC TH-W513B within no minute through the Aux. You will realize all these connections justifies its design and adds flexibility to the device. 

Price and other Contributing Features

A lot has been said, but when you are ready to buy this fantastic BT-module, you do not need much to invest. With less than 50$, you change your music listening experience. However, do not expect so much bass unless you want something substantial like JBL Bar Studio. More or less, you cannot find a better Bluetooth speaker than JVC TH-W513B at that price. It is simple to access, and unobtrusive features enable it to stand out. It is not a miraculous improvement, but its significance can be felt to be better than TV speakers. 

What users have said about the JVC TH-W513B

The device’s sound is way better, louder, and clearer than most TV speakers sound. It has also been recommended for its more straightforward installation and use process. The fact that buyers need to extend their budget more to buy the optical cable is one of the critical low points noted. It is encouraging how it serves its purpose well, meaning you get good value if you consider the price. 


You are given the run for your money in terms of build quality.  It is disappointing that it does not meet the treble bite that you might be looking for, but it is the best sound solution to your struggling Tv speakers. While the sound quality is rich and powerful with a better bass response than TV speakers, it is not designed to supplement a TV screen as big as 65 inches. 

At a relatively affordable price against other soundbars, the JVC TH-W513B to date hits all the right notes for an improved TV soundstage. You are able to put an affordable high-grade audio system in your room with the JVC TH-W513B. 

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