The Cadence CSB-F3 and CSB-R2 are two of the best soundbars produced by this company and if you are considering buying one of them, you should know what they have in common and which one is better than the other. Right from the get-go, the CSB-F3 is a three channel unit and the CSB-R2 is a two channel system, which makes the latter a lot cheaper. However, the differences don’t stop here.

Both of the systems come in black and they don’t have a complicated design. The material used for their construction is aluminum. The CSB-F3 is the larger of these two, measuring 43 inches in width, while the CSB-R2 is only 26 inches wide. Other than that, these soundbars look pretty much the same: a basic grille covers the drivers, the rear of the unit is curved and the whole unit looks solid and well built. The CSB-F3 also comes with two tweeters which are placed externally on each side of the soundbar.


Setting up the Cadence CSB-F3 and CSB-R2
Like with any other system of this kind, you will find the wall mounting brackets in the package and you just have to choose between installing the system beneath your TV set or simply placing it on a shelf or cabinet. In the case of the CSB-F3, the manufacturer has also included a tabletop mount which will make the unit look in its place even if you don’t use the wall mounting bracket. No matter what you choose, you should make sure that your TV is not too large in comparison to the width of your sound system. The cable that will go in your TV set is 25 feet long, so you don’t have to worry about the distance between these two units.


Sound quality
If you take off the grille of any of these soundbars you will find two 5.25 inch woofers and a 1 inch tweeter. The CSB-F3 also has two external tweeters, but the main difference that you will notice between these models is that the F3 is a little stronger. Other than that, everything will feel and sound exactly the same. The good part is that the audio quality is impressive. You won’t get disappointed no matter if you’re listening to music, watching a movie or simply surfing through the channels. Every program will appear to be more vivid and the clear sounds will make an impression on your year drum. Unfortunately, you will notice that both of these systems are not surround units. The soundstage is often too narrow, but if you make some adjustments, you will eventually find a middle ground between a larger soundstage and higher sound quality.


Pros and Cons
Both of these soundbars come at a great price and they have a few things to offer: high quality sound and reliability. The CSB-F3 brings in a few extra tweeters and the tabletop mount and this is certainly a plus. However, this system is also the more expensive one and if you already plan on mounting it on your wall, you might want to go for the CSB-R2.

Unfortunately, both of the units are missing something: a subwoofer. You will be 100% happy with the Cadence CSB-F3 and CSB-R2 only if you have a very small room. In any other case, a strong subwoofer is highly recommended.

Considering the fact that the Cadence CSB-F3 and CSB-R2 are two of the cheaper soundbars around, they make a great job at immersing their audience in a very realistic sound experience. If you have to choose between one of these two models, you should simply pick the one that fits better with your TV set. Other than size, most of the differences between these models are unnoticeable and both of these soundbars will put a smile on your face once you turn them on.

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