Most soundbars offer some type of balanced mix between accessibility, design, and sound without excelling in any category, but things are different with the Polk 6000. This audio unit is one of the best ones when it comes to sound clarity and it doesn’t look bad either. If you want a device that can change the way you listen to music, play video games or watch movies, this soundbar won’t disappoint you. Plus, the wireless subwoofer will assure you that bass sounds will always be present and you won’t have to run cables all over your floor.


Polk seemed to throw everything they had at the design of this soundbar. The main unit is very slick and the focal point is the logo from the middle, along with the touch controls from the same location. A glossy black rim is surrounding this unit and it brings the design to a whole. You can easily mount the soundbar underneath your TV since it only measures 2 inch in thickness. Most companies end up designing a bulky subwoofer, but this is not the case here. This unit is curved in the right places and it has a very unique and attractive look. You will have to find a larger spot for it, but this sacrifice will bring you high quality sound in the end. You will receive a mini remote along with the soundbar. It is easy to use, but the design doesn’t bring anything special.

Setting up the P400

You can have the system up and running in just a few minutes after you open the box. Unlike other models that come with just a couple of accessories, the Polk 6000 offers a 6-foot optical cable, an analog cable of the same size and the basics: the instruction manual, a remote control, and the power cords for both sound devices. You have to figure out where you want to place the soundbar and the subwoofer and once you make your decision, just connect the cables and the system will be ready to go. The soundbar is 35 inches wide and 3.75 inches tall, at a weight of 4.75 pounds. If you don’t choose to mount it on the wall, the rubber feet will do a good job at keeping the system stable. You can teach the system to pair with your regular remote if you want to, which is a nice little feature.

If you want to get everything out of the Polk 6000, you have to find a nice spot for the wireless subwoofer. You can go up to 50 feet away from the soundbar and the wireless device will still have perfect signal. The only thing you need is a socket. The housing unit is 11 inches tall, 10.25 inches wide and 12 inches deep and it contains a 7-inch subwoofer. After you find the perfect location, you simply have to sync the two units together and you can forget about the subwoofer altogether. The 120-watt amplifier is more than enough to fill any room with sound.

On the connectivity front, you have the basics: one optical connection and two analog inputs. If you have many audio sources, you might have to switch between cables from time to time, but if you only plan on using the Polk 6000 with your TV or computer, this shouldn’t be a problem. The people from Polk could have tried a little harder in this department, but for some reason, they didn’t.

Sound Quality

The system contains four 2.75-inch drivers, but don’t let this fool you. Even in a large room, these powerful drivers can offer quality sound without distortions. No matter what type of movie you’re watching, the action scenes will have a unique feel once you plug in the soundbar and the dialogues are very clear and easy to understand. The soundbar perform admirably when watching a movie, but it truly excels when it comes to listening to music. The sound clarity is close to perfection and you will feel every note. The only problems you might have with this system can be solved by changing the volume of the subwoofer with the mini remote or directly from the main unit.

The Polk 6000 comes with the patented SDA Surround sound technology and 3D Audio. The 3D effect is definitely noticeable, but this is not the systems’ strong point. The device is not marketed as a surround soundbar, but it offers an immersive effect nevertheless.


If you want to nitpick, the only problem that this system has is the lack of more connectivity options. This will not be an issue for most users, but some people might want to use multiple sources at the same time. Other than that, you should keep in mind that this soundbar is designed for small to medium sized rooms and even if you could use it without any problems in a large room, you might want to double your budget and get a much stronger system instead.Pros and Cons
There is nothing to complain about in terms of sound quality in any scenario. The Polk 6000 performs great in any condition and you will surely notice the improvement over your previous system once you start listening to what it has to offer. Plus, this unit can be installed easily and it looks great no matter where you place it. The wireless subwoofer really closes the deal and you will notice a significant difference if you place it in the right location.

In conclusion, the Polk 6000 is one of the best soundbars from its price range. Anyone who is interested in getting high quality sound from a nice looking audio unit should consider this option before looking at anything else. The subwoofer gets the job done, there are no distortion problems and you will obtain exactly what you expect from an audio device and much more.


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