As far as the sound bar is concerned only Yamaha reigns supreme. Since Yamaha introduced the original sometime in 2004,no other company has been able to dethrone Yamaha although throughout this time period there have been many pretenders to the throne, while a couple of imitations showed signs of technical genius however none ever came close enough to topple the king thanks mainly to the company’s original and advanced electronics design. The latest Yamaha sound bar the YSP-2200 Digital Sound Projector is Yamaha’s latest and slimmest offering yet. This new sound bar is attractively priced at the medium cost market segment.



Now for the lowdown, the YSP-2200 is diminutive at a mere 79mm in height and minus the detachable stand it is even smaller at only 50mm height. Size aside it produces just the right decibels for a 40- to 46-inch TV set.

The YSP-2200 boasts the new NS-SWP600 subwoofer which complements each other perfectly, although it is necessary to use the subwoofer in close proximity to the main YSP-2200 unit to fully enjoy the benefits of their synchronization, Another plus is the subwoofer comes ready made to easily fit into a typical equipment rack, it can also be made to stand up on any hard surface although wood works best.



Connectivity is nice. The YSP-2200 comes with three High-definition multimedia interface inputs and outputs 3d sound in perfection. Additionally, it has double stereo system inputs, an amalgamated video out, a trio of digital audio inputs (two optical, one coaxial), along with a devoted I pod device connector that actually works using the optional YDS-12 connection bridge. Yamaha also sells an optional Bluetooth receiver the YBA-10, for those wanting to connect their hand phone, PDA or computer system. .

The key to Yamaha’s seamless-sound projection technology is the propriety Yamaha digital amplifier technology. In terms of power the 2W sound bar relies on the 100W of the subwoofer to produce most of the noise, power is routed effectively to produce an equivalent sound output of 132W.The clever use of the limited energy creates a remarkably effective multichannel audio sound. The slim casing contains 16 drivers, which reflect are more than capable of producing surround sound for the home. The four HDMI 1.4 inputs is a first for a sound bar and other plus is that each one of the inputs is 3D compatible.


Setting up the P400

When the product is first removed there is some calibration work to be done. After dealing with this set-up routine, the multichannel audio settings should be ready to rock the user’s home. Because the YSP-2200 creates a surround sound feel by reflecting sound of the walls and ceiling of the listening room proper placement guarantees the best experience. Ideally, utilize this sound system inside a relatively small family room.

You may make additional tweaks towards the adjusted lead to take into account each individual user’s personal taste. The YSP-2200 integrates seamlessly with both stereo systems and multi-funnel sources, while still offering a number of processing modes.


Sound Quality

The Yamaha YSP-2200’s forte is in its stereo sound. All bass and mid notes are crisp and clear in a small setting although sound quality degrades somewhat proportionate to the size of the room. All in all one of the better sound bar systems out there for the home theater crowd.

Pros and Cons

The good news is the YSP-2200 does not disgrace itself as a stereo system, and is a fine addition to the Yamaha sound bar family. However this system only works best in a relatively small space where it is best able to bounce sounds effectively to create a 3D surround feel. The YSP 2200 as with its predecessors is aimed squarely at the home theater family market and would be out of place in a larger setting. For its target market this system is the best although it certainly isn’t the cheapest sound bar system available, Price aside the eleven different preset sound-set programs built into the unit are satisfactory even for the most hardcore audiophile. Audiophiles will appreciate the ability to manually adjust and tweak the width and depth of sound from the soundstage although the subwoofer does lack sufficient kick when it comes to loud rock music such as heavy metal and thrash The NS-SWP600 subwoofer lacks some of the finesse of the primary console. It’s neither tight nor terrifically deep to deliver the crunch necessary to convey metal or rock driven music but this doesn’t detract from the unit unless you are a metal head.



As a conclusion Yamaha’s new sound bar is in itself an amazing option for a regular all-in-one home-cinema system. It is within this category of playing movies that the Yamaha’s YSP-2200 truly tops the class, delivering the sound in all 3D stereo crispness and clarity. Potential buyers of the system who fit it’s target market demography shouldn’t be dissuaded by the seemingly palsy cited 2W amplifier specs the real output through Yamaha’s clever and revolutionary use of sound bouncing is clearly way above this, give it a test run to blow your socks off. Indeed, you’ll be hard pressed to find another system with such a slim profile able to produce such rocking sounds. If design and space is a concern we sincerely recommend the new YSP-2200, it’s clean cut lines and matte black finish will go well with any home decor. The subwoofer may not be the best for all types of music but, overall the new Yamaha YSP-2200 is really an accomplished system which carries on the tradition of its predecessors well. To sum it all up this new system is currently the best compact sound bar system for all round use with any home theater system in a small space.


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