VIZIO has some really awesome plans coming up in 2010, with high definition audio products, including sound bar home theater systems and wireless headphones.

The America’s No. 1 company announced that there will be two 2-speaker soundbars and at least one with 5 channels during CES 2010 in January. The VHT200 is a 2.0 HD Home Theater Soundbar while the VHT212 2.1HD Home Theater Soundbar is similar with the only difference is the additional wireless subwoofer, a wireless iPod dock and its compatibility with the company’s wireless headphones. Both systems support Dolby Digital audio and features a new remote control.

The VHT512 5.1HD Home Theater Surround Sound System includes wireless surround speakers, wireless subwoofer, and a wireless iPod dock, similarly supporting the wireless headphones.

Meanwhile, there’s also VHP100 Wireless Home Theater Headphones that comes with an iPod dock.

According to VIZIO’s co-founder and VP Sales and Marketing Communications, Laynie Newsome, consumers find it important to have accessory components that come from the same manufacturer as their HDTV, and HD audio products are a very high priority for these customers. VIZIO taps on this market, and offers new audio products that carries the same approach as their televisions, and includes wireless connectivity for easy and seamless connections.

VHT512 5.1 HD Home Theater Surround Sound with Wireless Subwoofer and Wireless iPod Dock

The company claims that the system delivers full 5.1 channel surround sound experience, and it is fully wireless. It incorporates the center, front right and left channels, and uses four 3” mid/bass speakers and two 0.75” high performance neodymium tweeters. It supports decoding for Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II playback, and SRS CircleCinema HD trademarked technology which includes SRS TruSurround HD 5.1, SRS TruVolume and SRS CircleSurround.

There is also a 6.5” long-throw high-excursion driver in the wireless subwoofer. It produces deep bass down to 35Hz, and is able to connect wirelessly to the soundbar for a range of 60ft in line of sight. The rear channel speakers connect to the subwoofer and these sleek-design speakers have two 2” drivers and a 1.2” tweeter each.

The wireless iPod dock can be placed anywhere for additional convenience. Wireless private listening is also available with VIZIO’s wireless home theater headphones. Wired inputs include a pair of RCA stereo analog inputs and an S/PDIF digital audio input. This product is due to reach the market in May at a retail of nearly $400.

VHT200 32” 2.0HD Home Theater Sound Bar & VHT 212 2.1HD Home Theater Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Vizio has two new home theater sound bars delivering premium high definition audio, either in a 2.0 channel with VHT200 model, or a 2.1 channel which adds a wireless subwoofer and an iPod dock with VHT212. Both models have a slim design and a sleek, new remote. The VHT200 HD sound bar supports Dolby Digital and SRS Tru Volume and SRS TruSurround HD and is said to carry a retail of about USD149.99.

Meanwhile, the VHT212 wireless subwoofer has a single 5.25” long-throw high-excursion driver within a solid wood cabinet for optimal acoustic control, with extended low frequencies down to 35Hz. The 2.4 GHz wireless connection synchronizes with the sound bar automatically within a sight distance of 60ft.

The wireless iPod dock gives an additional audio source, and can be placed anywhere in the room. The iPod dock, sound bar, wireless subwoofer and wireless headphones communicate with each other using HDWA over the WiFi network. The VHT212 is to retail at USD249.99.

Both models may connect to other video and audio sources through one S/PDIF digital audio input and a pair of RCA stereo analog inputs. The first shipments are scheduled for April 2010.

VSB200 2.0 Channel Sound Bar and VSB210WS 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

These two models are not to be confused with the home theater surround sound systems above with almost the same model numbers. The features are almost the same as the home theaters VHT range above, except for the technology concealed within the chassis.

Both VSB200 and VSB210WS supports Dolby Digital decoding, and VSB210WS wireless subwoofer includes SRS TruSurround HD and SRS TruVolume, creating virtual surround sound without rear speakers.

These models are 40” wide with four 3” high efficiency hand built mid/bass transducers and two 0.75” high performance aluminum dome neodymium tweeters, combined with an audio engine capable of 32-bit 150MHz DSP sound. The VSB210WS wireless subwoofer has a 6.5” long throw subwoofer driver that reproduces frequencies between 35 to 80 Hz. Users may place the subwoofer within a 60ft sight distance from the sound bar.

Both sound bars are scheduled for January 2010. VSB200 retails at $199.99 and VSB210WS will be available for USD349.99.

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