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The Polk SurroundBar is an audio system which uses the Stereo Dimensional Array technology for offering the best surround sound possible through a single speaker. You can get it for around $950 and it will become the unit which completes your room, especially if you already own a flat screen TV which lacks sound power.

The design of the Polk SurrondBar is simple, but attractive. It will look great next to any TV set and you can choose between black and titanium when it comes to color. Polk has announced that this system will be available in at least 5 different colors soon.

The system contains seven drivers which measure 3.5 inches each and three tweeters. The sound offered by this unit is quite powerful and these small drivers certainly offer a lot more sound than what you’d expect. However, the lack of a subwoofer is noticeable and adding a separate one will make an important difference.

The system is 42 inches wide, 5 inches deep and 4 inches tall. It weighs 25 pounds, so wall mounting shouldn ’t be a problem.

Setting up the Polk SurroundBar
You can forget about connecting various cables like you would with a 5.1 channel system once you take a look at the Polk SurroundBar. All you have to do is set up the speaker terminals from your AV receiver and you will be good to go. This sound system doesn’t have a power cord, amplification or any other cords. After you place the system on the wall or right in front of your flat panel TV, you can use the included 25 foot speaker cable to make the connections. If you feel that this cable is too long or too short, you can always buy one separately. Wall mounting this unit is simple thanks to the included bracket, but placing it at the right level will require some trial and error. If you manage to set up the Polk Surroundbar at ear level, you will get the best sound experience.

If you want to add a subwoofer, you can choose between the output of your receiver and the line level subwoofer output. Polk recommended the first option, but you should try both of them just to be sure. Either way, the sound quality will be drastically improved.

Polk Audio long 42

Sound quality
Thanks to the SDA technology, you can forget about tedious room adjustments. With most sound bars, the sound will reflect from your walls and this isn’t exactly ideal, especially if you have a large room with open spaces. With the Polk Surroundbar, you will get the same sound quality no matter the size or shape of your room because sound won’t reflect from surfaces.

The SDA technology will use targeted phase cancellation, which means that the soundstage will be increased and everyone who is listening will enjoy the same surround effect. The sounds coming from the rear channel will appear as they are coming from behind you thanks to the Head Related Transfer Function. This technology is based on the shape of the human ear and the way we hear sounds. By delaying the sounds from the rear channel, you will get the impression of surround sound.

Polk SurroundBar
If you take your time when calibrating the system, this surround bar can reach the sound quality offered by a mid-range 5.1 channel system. You shouldn’t auto calibrate the system through your receiver, because you won’t get the same effect. After you finish the manual setup, you should increase the levels of the rear channel until you are happy with the outcome. The surround effect will be easily noticed when watching a full HD movie, but you can also enjoy the sound quality when listening to music. If you are situated in the best possible location, you will catch a glimpse of 360 surround sound, but in most cases you will get a nice effect, no matter where you decide to sit and this is a good compromise. For those who are really looking for the ultimate surround sound experience, adding a secondary set of speaker is possible and even recommended by the people at Polk.

Even stereo music plays well on the Polk Surroundbar. All levels are balanced and complicated classical pieces will appear to be perfect, with no discrepancies whatsoever. The soundstage can be opened by switching the receiver to Dobly Pro Logic II Music mode.

If you used to watch movies on your flat screen TV without any additional speakers, using the Polk SurroundBar will be an incredible step forward. The quality of the sound offered by this simple unit will change the whole experience of watching a movie and you will be placed in the middle of each scene thanks to the surround effect.

Polk Audio long 42 close view

Pros and Cons
The SurroundBar comes with an all in one 25 food speaker cable, which is always a good addition, you can connect it to any receiver and it can be easily mounted on the wall. The surround sound quality will live up to your expectations and you will even enjoy full surround at some points. If you buy the system straight from the producer, you will get 5 year warranty.

Unfortunately, you will need to connect an additional subwoofer if you are looking for the perfect experience and an AV receiver is certainly required. The price of $950 might seem high, but it actually isn’t considering what you get in return. Conclusion If you have enough room and you really want to hear sound coming from behind you, a 5.1 or 7.1 channel system is exactly what you need. However, if you are looking for a small, stylish and affordable sound system which sounds better than many surround units, you should go for the Polk Surroundbar. The SDA technology performs admirably and the quality of the sound will always be top notch.

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