What is SoundBar.com?

Soundbar.com is a one-stop portal on the latest soundbars. We try to be the first in reporting and reviewing the latest soundbar technologies, events, promotions, announcements, coupons, etc. What we gather here are based on the latest announcements, pricing and release dates, that comes from press releases. All our reports and reviews are unbiased and we are not paid for the reviews.

The Idea…
We provide information and reviews based on our own experience as  consumers, and we know that you want as much information as possible before buying an electrical product for your home. As a potential sound bar buyer, you will want to compare your choices from an unbiased source so that you will make a wise purchase. You can find all that and more at Soundbar.com.

How do we earn?
We earn solely by advertisements on the site. No manufacturers pay us for any of the reviews, and we do not subscribe to any bribery or flattery to make a product seem more appealing than others. Neither are we financially affiliated with any manufacturer, and there is no play of favoritism in our reviews. Manufacturers may develop or change the features of their products, and we report it as it is.

Who are we?
We are a bunch of technology junkies who invest and develop sites in the consumer electronic niche. We work with freelance writers and professionals worldwide to give precise reviews and updates on electronic products. Information is mostly compiled from professional reviews, research on end-users’ comments, and fall back on the technologies of different manufacturers.